Charlottesville, USA

Steeped with culture, tradition, and history, Charlottesville has become an interesting tourist destination in the central part of Virginia. The region is well-known, as two of American presidents– Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe—came here, not to mention that Frommers named Charlottesville as the number one place to reside in the United States. Two of the most important points in Charlottesville are the Historic Downtown Mall and the University of Virginia.

The attractions of Charlottesville greatly revolve on its history, as the place is home to some of the important historic structures of the United States. Monticello, for one, is where Thomas Jefferson resided and it is also where his grave is found, as well as the estate’s stunning garden. Ash Lawn-Highland, on the other hand, is the residence of James Monroe. The University of Virginia has also relevance in history, and In fact, it is the only university that is included in the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded by Thomas Jefferson, this university is still the country’s only university that shows-off the grandest campus grounds. The lawns, rotundas, and awe-inspiring architectural structures give a unique aura to the campus, the reason why tourists take time to visit and see its spectacle.

The heart of the region’s historic district is where the world-known Downtown Mall is found, a long and wide stretch pedestrian zone lined-up with fat trees that provide enough shade to its brick-paved streets. In this famous tourist destination, a full range of shopping malls, dining areas, art galleries, historic museums, and entertainment centers are found. Further, there are walking tours available for tourists, where they get to see and understand the significant past of Charlottesville in a fun and entertaining manner. Throughout the year, there are upbeat events, traditional festivals and cultural shows happening in the Downtown Mall, something that adds to the fulfilling experience when visiting Charlottesville.

Other relevant spots worth exploring are the region’s vineyard and wineries, such as the Blenheim Vineyards and Jefferson Vineyards. Nature trips and sight-seeing is a popular activity as well, where the Shenandoah National Park & Skyline Drive is the ultimate choice. The 360 degrees divine scenery and adventure-filled experience are only a few of what this attraction has for its visitors, making this destination a must-see when in Charlottesville. Apart from the absolutely-beautiful views, there are also hiking trails and rare animals seen spotted in every turn. Because of these attractions, Charlottesville is also an ideal choice for a relaxed and laid-back nature-encounter trip.