Adirondacks, USA

With a wide expanse of breathtaking views, mighty waterways, mountainous terrain, lush forests, and charming small villages, Adirondacks is the ultimate place for making the great outdoors happen. During the winter, its mountain ranges are best used for skiing and snowboarding, while in the warm months, boating and hiking are the sought-after activities. Truly a paradise for adventure-seekers and nature lovers, Adirondacks has become popular with tourists from different parts of the globe.

 Two major regions make up Adirondacks: the Keene Valley popular for ice climbing; and the Champlain Valley which takes pride in the majestic Lake Champlain, no less.  Keene Valley, being a top destination, offers a full-range of tourist-friendly facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and different recreation equipment. Because of Keene Valley’s high location, this region is the best spot for viewing the stunning landscapes that envelope it. Among the region’s peak, Mt. Macy is the most famous, not only because it is New York’s highest mountain, but because it is rich in hiking trails that give out astounding views on a clear day.

West of Keene is Lake Placid, another destination to be, as it is often the host of the Winter Olympics, offering bountiful opportunities for recreation and outdoor pursuits. Meanwhile, Champlain Valley is proud to have the second-largest freshwater lake in the United States—the Lake Champlain. There is an abundance of attraction in Champlain Valley, assuring that every visitor heading to this spot has a fantastic getaway.

The trails in the valley serve as home to some of the state’s wildlife, farmland, historic towns, and lovely woodlands. Here is also where Boquet River and other bodies of water such as rivers, streams, and ponds are seen. With these attractions alone, it is quite hard to believe how the same land where the bustling Empire State erects can own such a remote yet stunning area worth exploring.

Apart from the region’s natural treasures, Adirondacks also has a good number of historic places that give a clear representation of the region’s important past.  One of the greatest museums in the Upstate New York is the Adirondack Museum, a venue for deeper learning about the region and its locals. The Wild Center Museum, on the other hand, is a different kind of museum, as it combines nature, history, and outdoor interests all in one roof. The region is also a humble wine producer, and to learn more about its creation, a tour to the  Adirondack Winery can be done to take a look at its 35 featured wines, all made with world-class standards. The winery’s tasting room is for everyone to taste the wine and to buy some souvenirs or tokens to bring home as a remembrance of a wonderful Adirondacks getaway.