Nashville, USA

There is more to Nashville than being the “country music capital of the world.” One of the admirable traits of Nashville is its rapid transformation from a quiet city to a major commerce hub while effectively preserving its iconic treasures and historic landmarks. As a place that mirrors America’s culture, heritage and important attractions, this state capital of Tennessee is the perfect place to explore and discover.
    Located in a region called Nashville Basin, the region enjoys an impeccable climate, rich farmland, and diverse wildlife—just the perfect medley for the great outdoors. The Radnor Lake, for instance, is where hikers are fond of going as this place makes them feel as if they are in a vast wilderness, even though the lake is situated in a residential area. Nashville has an abundance of open spaces that cater to both passive and active recreation, an example of which are golf courses. There are more than enough golf courses in Nashville, and the popular ones include Harpeth Hills Golf Course, Shelby Golf Course, and Two Rivers Golf Course. Parks and gardens like the Cheekwood Botanical Garden, Centennial Park, and The Parthenon are worthy to be seen, most especially that they are considered prominent attractions in Nashville.
When in Nashville, part of the trip is sight-seeing its historic scene, headed by the Hermitage no less. As the home of former President Andrew Jackson, this attraction permits tourists to wander in a vast farm, tour the plantation, and learn about slavery, war, and discrimination. The Hermitage also highlights the Jackson family’s lifestyle, tradition, collections, and memorabilia. Carton Plantation is also worthy to be seen, as the estate features historical battles and some highly-preserved homes. Belle Meade Plantation, on the other hand, has the awe-inspiring antebellum mansion as its primary feature.
Exploring the roots of the region’s legendary music scene is one of the most important parts of the Nashville trip. Grand Ole Opry must be the top attraction when it comes to art and music, and its title “America’s most famous stage” is enough of a reason to visit it. As a venue for world-class entertainment, the place gives opportunity to upcoming stars, while it also serves as the favorite music hall of famous names in the music industry. There is also the Country Music Hall of Fame, where tributes to famous and important country music personalities are on display. Not to be missed is the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, where performances of blues, pop, jazz, and classical are regularly, providing unparalleled entertainment both to locals and tourists.
Most tourists buy souvenirs and tokens to remind them of a fantastic getaway, and in Nashville, souvenirs such as cowboy hat, cowboy boots and country music-inspired items are in demand. In every corner, souvenir shops and quaint stores sell such items, allowing tourists to take home a little something that will make them remember the fun and excitement Nashville tour has brought them.