Aspen, Colorado – Beautiful Ski Destination

If there is one ski resort to visit in the United States, Aspen must be it. Located in the lovely state of Colorado, Aspen is a mountainous town in which the best attraction is the great outdoors. During the winter season, skiing is in-demand, while during the summer, fishing, rafting, and boating are popular. Whatever the season is, Aspen has numerous offerings for people who visit the region for either an active getaway or a relaxing vacation.
Aspen is world-famous for its skiing facilities, and if there is the sole reason why Aspen attracts visitors all over the globe, that must be its ski resorts. Aspen, despite being a small-sized town, is blessed to be surrounded by four major ski areas namely the Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, and Snowmass Ski Resort. Among these, the Snowmass Ski Resort is the most popular and is the ultimate choice of ski aficionados and winter sports fanatics, almost half of the ski trails here are meant for experienced skiers, as the challenging trails and slopes give the visitors a different kind of satisfaction.
Buttermilk, on the other hand, is the most favorite among ski neophytes. Buttermilk is a vast ski resort with stress-free trails, making it the best venue for ski beginners, most especially kids. There are also trainings and lessons being offered in Buttermilk, making it more appealing to first-time skiers.
When the winter season is over, skiing takes a back seat to make way to the summer season’s popular activity: hiking. When it comes to hiking, the destination that tops the list is the Maroon Bells. Envelope with enchanting nature-inspired scenery, the Mountain Bells is arguably the most-photographed tourist attraction in Colorado, courtesy of its rugged peaks and changing-hues slopes. Mountain Bells is the perfect venue for admiring what nature has blessed the region, as the 14,000 twin peaks boasts of wildlife, hiking trails, and campsites that complete the nature trip.
Car rental companies are notably in every corner of Aspen, and the business is thriving for a reason—the famous Independence Pass. The 20-mile drive to the Independence Pass, a scenic road that is named as one of the highest and most prominent in North America, is enough of a reason to rent a car. The alternating narrow-wide roads with tight turns and absence of shoulders are more than enough to increase the adrenalin level, as views all over make the eyes feast with delight. Because of the picturesque backdrop and the indescribable thrill, the Independence Pass is an absolute must when visiting Aspen.
Apart from skiing during winter and hiking during summer, golfing is also a favorite pastime in Aspen. Because of the locals’ fondness for golf, golf courses have sprawled in Aspen over the years. Aspen Golf Club and River Valley Ranch Golf Club are only some of the in-demand golf courses in the area. Meanwhile, music, entertainment, and concerts are also considered one of the inviting features of the region. During the mid-summer season, Aspen celebrates the Aspen Music Festival and School, and this event, which attracts thousands upon thousands of art and music lovers, is not to be missed when visiting the region during this time of the year.