World’s 5 Best Urban Beaches

IPANEMA (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
By now, every beach-lover and party-goer across the globe knows Ipanema. Famous for its white sands, crystal-clear waters and wide shorelines, Ipanema becomes a perfect venue for urban parties in a scenic beach setting. It is a fact that Ipanema is one of the attractions that made Rio de Janeiro as Brazil’s sought-after destination. Being an all-out urban beach, it is very typical to see sexy Brazilians wearing barely-dare bikinis and trunks, among the reasons why Ipanema has become a famous tourist spot.
BARCELONETA BEACH (Barcelona, Spain)
If not for the 1992 Olympics, Barceloneta Beach will remain to be a district of fishermen and metal laborers. Now, a wide beach that stretches up to three-quarter-mile from Port Vell to the Olympic Marina is one of the world’s most-favorite urban beaches. Completing the scene is the line-up of quirky restaurants and tapas bars along the beachfront. The beach represents the reasons why tourists long to be on this side of Barcelona: warm and friendly people, a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, freshly-done seafood and paella, and picturesque beach scenery.
SOUTH BEACH (Miami, Florida)
The strip of South Beach has become a venue for showing-off glitz, glamor, and style; no doubt it is one of the world’s most-favorite urban beaches. South Beach has the perfect mix of scenery that ranges from turquoise water, golden sands, and modern-styled hotels that make the beach even more stunning. It cannot be denied that South Beach is causing Miami’s tourism to soar as the beach gladly welcomes millions of tourists from all walks of life year in, year out. And because South Beach also boasts of chic restaurants and flashy bars, people come here not just to have a dip or to get a tan but to party and have fun all day long.
BONDI BEACH (Sydney, Australia)
Apart from the world-acclaimed The Opera House, Sydney’s majestic beaches are regarded as primary attractions as well. Bondi Beach, for instance, has never stopped in welcoming beach-goers from near and far. Bondi has a stunning view of clear waters and fine sands, and its wide shoreline is very ideal for beach lounging to get the much-coveted just-been-to-the-beach complexion. The mild to wild waves of Bondi Beach also caused it to be one of the world’s top surfing destinations. Because the beach has numerous ways to make the holiday memorable, Bondi has become one of the famous urban beaches around the world.
ENGLISH BAY BEACH (Vancouver, Canada)
The views of the mountains envelope the English Bay which gives accent to the equally stunning turquoise waters and fine golden sand. It is in this part of Vancouver where witnessing the incredible sunset is a delightful activity. Packed with small stalls that offer locally made ice cream, hot dogs, fresh seafood, and other treats, beach-goers are guaranteed an incredible dining experience when in English Bay. Adding to the attraction is the yearly happening of Celebration of Light Fireworks, which attracts thousands upon thousands of spectators from near and far.