Coober Pedy, South Australia

Coober Pedy, sitting in the northern part of South Australia, gained the title “opal capital of the world” courtesy of great quantities of opal sourced in this region. Its aboriginal name “kupa-piti” meaning “white man’s hole” perfectly describes its renowned underground residences which makes Coober Pedy a unique and standout place. Now in modern times, Coober Pedy has morphed into one of Southern Australia’s cosmopolitan areas and it has become one of the world’s sought-after travel destinations.
If you are in search of a unique kind of experience on your next holiday, make Coober Pedy your choice. Its features will surely stir your interest, as underground attractions are something that is beyond the ordinary. Due to the region’s warm weather, to live below the surface has become a norm. Here, going to underground hotels, churches, bars, and restaurants is considered one of the most intriguing activities anyone could ever experience.
Coober Pedy has multiple attractions, so either you join a group tour to not miss out on the region’s attractions or you go and tour around via car rental services. Being famous for opal mining, the most important activity of the tour is the mine visit. The region has numerous mining sites that have been converted to major tourist spots. Old Timers Mine, a popular attraction in South Australia, is a 1916 opal mining site that has received many tourism awards over the years. In the tour to Old Timers Mine, you will learn a significant part of the region’s opal mining industry and will witness the kind of lifestyle in the underground residences.
Coober Pedy is also home to natural attractions which include the Painted Desert, a renowned desert with changing hues and colorful hills. The Moon Plain is another popular natural attraction, a vast area of unusual-looking rocky plains scattered with crystals and gemstones. Breakaways Reserve is found in Coober Pedy, a protected area with a semi-arid climate and is a popular spot for cycling.
A large portion of Coober Pedy is about reserved architecture in the form of churches and citadels. Some of the awe-inspiring ancient architecture belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Church, St Peter & Paul Catholic Church, and Catacomb Church. There are museums worthy of the visit as well, and among these are Umoona Opal Museum and Desert Cave Hotel Museum. Note that some of these famous establishments are situated below the surface, making the tour exciting and unique.
Before you leave Coober Pedy, you might want to buy a souvenir that will remind you of the marvelous trip. Since the destination is an opal haven, it is just fitting that you bring home genuine art, craft, or jewelry made of this delicate gemstone. Certainly, your trip to Coober Pedy is something words cannot describe, and with all the wonderful and incredible attractions, your trip to this part of South Australia is surely one of a kind.