Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World is a major recreation complex located in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea. This multi-purpose complex opened its doors on July 12, 1989 that allowed people to experience its attractions and world-class facilities. With the kind of adventure and fun it offers, the complex generates millions of visitors each year which makes Lotte World one of the most-visited amusement complexes in the world.
Lotte World is primarily divided into two major sections—the indoor and the outdoor complexes. Lotte World plays as a proud host of Indoor Adventure, the largest indoor theme park in the world. Being the grandest indoor theme park of all, Indoor Adventure promises an array of activities and attractions not found anywhere else. At the heart of the indoor theme park in South Korea’s largest ice skating rink being surrounded with almost 20 amusement rides and attractions. What is great about Indoor Adventure is that it is open even on holidays, so the fun and happiness never stop. And because it is indoor and fully-covered, rains and snow are not a reason to not enjoy the Lotte World getaway.
Indoor Adventure comprises of four levels. Thrill-seekers delight themselves with The Conquistador, a famous Viking ride on the first level that swings to a maximum height—so high that it can even reach the ceiling! The rest of the first level’s attractions consist of a calmer-yet-fun ride such as the Camelot Carousel. Numerous rides for kids and families are found in this level, where the most popular is the Adventures of Sindbad, a relaxing boat ride that goes through underwater.
The ‘’scariest’’ of all roller coasters is found on the second level. Called French Revolution, this roller coaster has a 360 degree-turn loop and with 540 degree-turn in some parts. The roller coaster can even travel through buildings, making this ride one of the most exciting in Lotte World. For a not-so-scary ride, adult bump cars are available on this level. The third level is where the Folk Museum is located, an attraction that introduces the story of Korea, its people, and its past. The third level also has the jungle adventure ride and a monorail that allows passengers to have a sight of the Lotte World’s surroundings. The last level is more of exploration, journey, and travel. Pharaoh’s Fury is a jeepney ride that travels to ancient Egypt, while the Aeronauts Balloon Ride invites visitors to view the entirety of Lotte World from high above.
Magic Island, a man-made island situated in the Seokchon Lake, is the outdoor theme park of Lotte World. At the center is a massive castle that never fails to get everyone’s attention. The Gyro Vertical Drop and the Atlantis Adventure Roller Coaster are only two of the 17 thrilling rides present in Magic Island. The lake-side of the outdoor venue is ideal for family picnics and a relaxing stroll. The park also recognizes festivals and events and it pays tribute to them by providing a venue for these traditional celebrations.