SeaWorld Florida, Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando, under the operation of SeaWorld Entertainment, is a zoological and theme park that highlights the majestic under-the-sea life. Together with Aquatica and Discovery Coves, SeaWorld is one of the departments of SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando. With millions of visitors, it magnetizes all over the globe, this marine park is named as one of the most-visited theme and amusement parks in the United States. Backed-up by the 30-year operation in the industry, SeaWorld has achieved mastery when it comes to animal attractions and marine shows. 
The huge space of 200 acres boasts of a chain of rides, animal exhibits, and wholesome entertainment for the family, making SeaWorld an ideal place for a weekend getaway. SeaWorld operates with a variety of ‘’themes’’ to cater to different personalities and ages. Key West, for instance, is an attraction that reflects the architecture, landscape, and atmosphere of the Key West city of Florida with side-attraction of bottlenose dolphins, American alligators, brown pelicans, and other water creatures. The Waterfront, on the other hand, describes how it is like to be in the seaside Mediterranean village, surrounded by shops and restaurants and accentuated by a thrilling Sky Tower Ride. The park’s mascot, a killer whale named Shamu, is the proud host of Shamu’s Happy Harbor. An absolute favorite of the little ones, the harbor features kid-friendly activities such as water play area and net-climb. The junior roller coaster called Shamu Express is the superstar of Shamu’s Happy Harbor.
Wild Arctic is a famed attraction of SeaWorld that features simulator rides alongside animal exhibit in the likes of polar bears and beluga whales. The simulating ride to Base Station Wild Arctic is operated by a character named Captain Emerson. His helicopter flies down so riders can witness the polar bear family, and he dives the ride to the arctic waters for the riders to experience the narwhals. As the Arctic storm kicks in, he lands on a glacier until some of the helicopter’s parts break. The storm becomes a challenge and the struggle to fly the helicopter sets in. He eventually pilots to a narrow cavern until he arrives in Base Station Wild Arctic, signaling the end of the thrilling ride of the popular Wild Arctic attraction.
Different seasons equate to different events SeaWorld offers to its guests. Summer Nights SeaWorld encourages park-goers to beat the summer heat through water-fun activities while the surrounds get colorful and bright courtesy of the glimmering lights of SeaWorld Christmas Celebration. Happiness cannot be denied as the presence of the mascot Shamu and Santa Clause unfolds in front of the children. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bud and BBQ Fest, Valentine’s Day, and New Year also stir an upbeat and lively atmosphere in the happy environs of Orlando’s SeaWorld.
SeaWorld creates a venue for imagination and fantasy, and with the perfect blending of nature and man’s creative mind, SeaWorld has given life to a marine-like sanctuary that is fully enjoyed by families all over the world.