Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge in northern San Francisco comprises two well known National Historic Landmarks i.e. the Fort Mason and The Presidio and also several upscale neighborhoods like the Pacific Heights, the Marina District, and Cow Hollow. It is also known to have some of the city’s most beautiful sceneries and natural environments that remain highly intact. Roughly, The Golden Gate Bridge is bounded by San Francisco Bay on its west and north and California St and Lake St to the south while Van Ness Ave lies to the east. It connects the district with the Marin County across this Bay to its north.
The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the hottest attractions in California and you will be amazed by the ample attractions available here. Some of the most notable attractions include the pristine and highly beautiful natural landscapes of Presidio, Victorian architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the man-made marinas. Places such as the Fort Mason and Presidio are home to some interesting attractions like museums, modern offices, and historical as well as sandpipers, fox squirrel, and coyotes.
Make sure that the visit The Six Gallery as it is the place where the well known Six Gallery reading happened. Many highly reverend writers and poets have a great association with this place like Gary Synder, Alan Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Philip Lamantia, Jack Kerouac, and Philip Whalen. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit the Gallery as it has closed and you will still be able to visit the site of the watershed event.
Wave Organ was designed in 1986 by Peter Richards and George Gonzales and consists of a system of some PVC pipes that have been designed for harnessing power from the ocean which creates music. You also can’t go to The Golden Gate Bridge and fail to visit the Yacht Clubs. This consists of an impressive vessel flotilla both power and sail. You will also find several ‘small craft’ harbors at the Marina Green with the two main ones being the Golden Gate Yacht Club and St Francis Yacht Club. Parks are yet another highly significant part of attractions in The Golden Gate Bridge.
The two largest parks found in The Golden Gate Bridge include the Alta Plaza Park and Lafayette Park. The Alta Plaza Park features an immaculately and charming manicured Pacific Heights featuring great vistas on the Bay and comprises of a playground and a tennis court. This is a perfect destination to go for a picnic. The Lafayette Park is another smaller oasis park at Pacific Heights and has been kept pristinely by the residents.
It offers some excellent views over The Golden Gate Bridge and the larger Bay. You will also be fascinated by the many galleries and museums found in this area. The Hourian Art Galleries features interesting collections of beautiful Persian Miniatures. Other notable attractions at The Golden Gate Bridge include the Vedanta Temple, Spreckles Mansion, San Francisco Public Library, the Octagon House, and The Leale House.