Birmingham, England

Located in West Midlands, Birmingham is the second-largest city in Britain and was known as the ‘Workshop of the World’ and ‘City of a 1000 Trades’ during the Victorian period. The locals call it Brum and the city is currently enjoying a modernized resurgence as one of the greatest cultural and shopping destinations in Europe. Most of Birmingham’s city center became destroyed in the renowned Second World War after which post-war buildings world later be replaced. Now, a major part of the city has been pedestrianized and attractive walkways characterize the city center. Even with the recent transformation, the city has over the years managed to maintain much of its industrial heritage and now appears forward-looking and modernized. 
 Despite the many developments that have taken place in the city, it nonetheless doesn’t have a reputation of being picturesque but the city center’s architecture is pretty interesting even though most of it is obscured by crowds of people and shops. Art galleries and museums make a significant aspect of Birmingham attractions. However, for a city like this with such a strong industrial heritage, it lacks the range and kind of historical tourist attractions that most visitors would expect. Aston Hall has a long history dating back in the 16th century and contains periodic artwork. The candlelight Aston Hall is a major event that takes place here during Christmas time. The Barber Institute of Fine Arts houses great collections at the art gallery that are worthy of visiting.
The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a large museum with a rich local history as well as both permanent and temporary collections and exhibitions. The Cadbury World is offered by the popular Cadbury chocolate factory that is located in the city center. Organized tours are offered to Cadbury Company where visitors are taken through the history of chocolate making. There are several green spaces and small parks located all over Birmingham City and its suburbs.
These nature reserves and country parks have so much information about fauna, flora, and local conservation efforts. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses is a large botanical garden at the heart of the city and offers workshops as well. The Birmingham Nature center sits on a six-acre piece of land and is home to many birds and animals like owns, otters, and deer. Others include the National Sea Life Centre, Sutton Park, RSPB Sandwell Valley, and Woodgate Valley Country Park.
Religious buildings are also major attractions in Birmingham and reflect the diversity of the local population. Notable ones include the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, Birmingham Cathedra or St Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham Central Mosque, Jamia Masjid Sparkbrook, and the Birmingham Central Synagogue. Some of the most popular events and clubs in Britain are hosted in Birmingham and student nights are known to be fun and full of entry offers and cheap drinks in the busy clubs. Some brilliant events that should consider visiting in Birmingham include Ramshackle, Snobs, Oceana, Risa, Gatecrasher, Indi Bar, Rococo Lounge, Rainbow Warehouse, and others.