Marlborough, New Zealand

The region of Marlborough is on the northeastern end of South Island, New Zealand. This region is well known for the rather high sunshine hours experienced here. The Marlborough sounds has its home here as well and it is the largest wine-growing region in New Zealand. The largest town in Marlborough is Blenheim which is the region’s transportation hub and the best base when visiting the area. Picton town is the entrance to Marlborough Sounds and Renwick is Blenheim satellite town. The town of Havelock is the base for Pelorus Sounds and the capital of Greenshell mussel. Other key towns in Marlborough include Rai Valley, ward, and Seddon towns. The main attraction or most visited place in the region is Marlborough Sounds. 
Geographically, Marlborough is located on the eastern coast of South Island and it is bisected by the long valley of Wairau. Richmond Ranges borders Marlborough to the north and Awatere River, Kaikoura Ranges, and Kaikoura coast are in the southern part of Melbourne. Due to the westerly prevailing winds, the region enjoys a summers season characterized that is hot and dry and Marlborough is dry generally all year round.
For over a millennium now, the region has been settled majorly by the Maori. Travelers to Marlborough can use the TranzCoastal train service which makes a stop in Picton, Blenheim, Kaikoura, and Seddon. This is the most fantastic way of seeing Marlborough and the famous Kaikoura coast conveniently. Ferry services also offer reliable transportation to Marlborough as well and serve the area between Picton and Wellington. The journey by ferry takes approximately three hours up to Marlborough Sounds and both passengers and vehicles are ferried.
If you are traveling by train, you can use either Blenheim Airport or Picton Airport which offers regular flights to various destinations. Buses services also run scheduled and on-demand services to Nelson Lakes National Park, St Arnaud, and Kahurangi National Park. There is a great limitation of public transport in Marlborough and getting around can be hectic at times. Marlborough Sounds is the region’s jewel and this aquatic playground is a top destination for dolphin and bird watching, kayaking, sailing, and walking. This is a must-visit place during your holiday vacation in Marlborough.
There are also many fantastic vineyards in Marlborough that stretch up to Awatere and Wairau valleys. Lake Grassmere in Marlborough is a unique place where seawater in the area is changed to huge salt piles through evaporation that is facilitated by the hot sun. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers as well. The widely celebrated Marlborough Wine Festival takes place annually during February and you get to experience the more than 200 wines produced in the 40 local wineries and delicious gourmet food. This is the longest-running food and wine festival in New Zealand. Another annual event is the garden Marlborough which is celebrated for an entire week during October where the finest gardens in Marlborough are showcased to locals and international visitors.