Cannes, France

Over the years, Cannes has grown tremendously from being just a small little known fishing village to an expensive and fabulous seas side town. In Europe, Cannes is among the top hottest social hubs and the Cannes Film Festival that takes place in May turns the town into an entertainment center where the famous and filthy rich are entertained. During this festival, you can see celebrities and actors alongside other top figures from all over the world in the entertainment scene. While most people come to Cannes for its casinos, high-end restaurants, and a crazy nightlife, other alternatives make the city a top priority for visitors with different budgets. 
The old town of Cannes is one of the major stopping points for tourists and has narrow streets that are filled with souvenir shops and restaurants. You can catch excellent views from the top of the castle ruins. Covered market is the perfect place for a spectacular food experience and outshines other markets in terms of variety and scale. The famous Palais des Festivals is an event when screen stars gather in Cannes to watch various films and take some cool photos especially at the 22 steps near the entrance. The port of Cannes is a place where you can admire the many yachts of famous and rich people in the area. International Yacht Club has the real mega yachts down the Antibes coast. Most of the tourist activities are concentrated in La Croisette and the area is popular for its luxurious boutique shops and luxury hotels.
Most of the beaches in Cannes are private and can be quite expensive to use. Public beaches are less attractive due to crowdedness but Iles de Lerins is a good option for anyone looking for a quieter beach. Iles de Lerins is home to two beautiful islands on the bay which are worth a visit. The smaller island of St Honorat has a ruined castle and a monastery. You will find monks selling their self-made drinks/ food products such as wine and other unique souvenirs. Ste Marguerite is the larger island and has shops, a castle, restaurants, and bars.
The festival de Cannes is the world’s most famous festival and features the world’s most celebrities walking on the red carpet. Tour du Masque is a popular local attraction for literary buffs and history and the area is haunted by a ghost of a mysterious figure. Cannes is also renowned for its designer fashion and luxury boutiques. Most of the payment is done using credit cards and you might find yourself extremely inconvenienced if you happen to forget yours.
Most of the shops in Cannes are found between rue d’ Antibes and La Croisette, a distance than you can cover easily on foot. Eating out in Cannes can be quite pricey but the meals served are mouth-watering and very delicious. Some of the best accommodation facilities in Cannes include the Claremont Hotel, Le Mistral, The InterContinetal Carlton, and Hotel Martinez among others.