Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in Upper Valais, an alpine canton of Switzerland, Zermatt is a village that doesn’t permit car usage. For most travelers, Zermatt is their perfect destination for mountaineering and skiing especially in the Matterhorn Mountain. The breathtaking surroundings of Zermatt come at a hefty price as Zermatt accommodation is one of the most costly in Switzerland. The village is set in the midst of a range of great mountains like Mount Rosa which is the country’s highest mountain. However, Matterhorn is the most famous mountain range. The first expedition to the top of the mountain ended dramatically with four of the climbers perishing. 
Zermatt is a surprising place especially given that a village of its size is able to remain car-free. With just 5 or 6 streets, you will be amazed to know that the city of Zermatt is home to nearly 20, 000 residents during the peak season. The only combustion vehicles you will probably see are the occasional delivery vans and those that provide specialist services. This is a place of utter tranquility and you can relax on the balcony listening to the sweet songbird melodies and watch as the sun sets on those fabulous mountains. In the morning, you will be woken up by the soothing voices of children’s laughter and the sweet sounds of birds, church bells, and crickets. 
The few vehicles in Zermatt are driven using batteries and are completely silent. Most taxi drivers here tend to think that pedestrians and cyclists have some eyes at the back and will occasionally hoot even though injurious consequences are very rare. Tourists can stroll or cycle in safety as they visit every corner of the village. You should keep in mind that if you drive your car to Zermatt, either knowingly or unknowingly, you are going to be fined heavily on the spot. That Swiss German police do not listen to any excuse such as you never show the sign which can easily be missed. Zermatt is only popular with walkers or skiers as people who are not used to walking for long distances might have a difficult time here. 
During summertime, Zermatt is a hub of activities with most of the hiking trails and roads leading to some of the most visited restaurants in Matterhorn. Experienced mountaineers looking for a real challenge can go to climb mountain Matterhorn bout should be careful of the occasional storms experienced at the mountain. Climbing Monte Rosa is more challenging are required persons in excellent physical conditions and experienced mountain climbers. 
Zermatt has the largest European summer skiing area that attracts skiers from all over the world. It is also a perfect place for mountain biking or cycling even though this activity is not as popular as such. There are various shops in Zermatt where you can hire bikes at an inexpensive fee. If you are interested in tasking traditional Swiss dishes such as raclette or fondue, visit Restaurant du Pont. Camping is also allowed at Zermatt for budget travelers seeking less expensive accommodation alternatives.