Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara is the most popular and most visited national reserve in Kenya. Contrary to what most people think about Masai Mara, partially because of its popularity, it actually a national reserve and not a National Parl. It belongs to Masai people of southwest Kenya and local county officials administer it. It is among the best known Africa reserves, receiving thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. Its main attractions are the different bird species and wildlife found at the reserve. Most tourists physically come here to visit the over 1.5 million wildebeests that migrate via Mara to and from Serengeti National Park.
Mara Triangle is Masai Mara’s best kept secret and the most treasured part of the reserve. It is managed by Mara Conservancy and only has one lodge compared to the many other lodges and camps found in the Mara. Mara Triangle also has all-weather roads that are well maintained with rangers patrolling the area thoroughly. Poaching activities are minimal here and tourists are assured of excellent game viewing.
Fortunately, the number of cars around the animal sightings isn’t controlled with gives a much more authentic and better game drive experience. Masai Mara is also an archeological site and pottery and arrowheads associated with the Neolithic man have been discovered here and dated 2000 years ago. The landscape of Masai Mara is characterized by small bushes, sandy soil, woodlands and grasslands, and the open plains. Such a cute mixture of landscape gives visitors a romantic feeling and you can get a taste of this in the ‘Out of Africa’ film.
When visiting Masai Mara, tourists have a high likelihood of seeing the Big Five which includes lion, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and elephant. Mara plains have for long been a rich hub for wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and impala. In addition, jackals, hyenas, and cheetahs are regularly seen at the reserve as well. The Mara River is home to large numbers of crocodiles and hippos and during the July/ November wildebeest migration at the Mara, crocodiles have their feasting season at this time as most wildebeests lose their lives in this migration. There is also abundant and diverse birdlife at the Masai Mara and various species like eagles, storks, vultures, and ostriches are commonly spotted.
Game viewing is the main attraction at Mara and the reason why the Narok County receives thousands of both local and international tourists. Game drives are offered during the day and at night as well. Most of the lodges and campsites at the reserve have well experienced and informed driver guides. They know exactly how to spot some of the rarely seen animals in Masai Mara and you can also enjoy sundowners and sun uppers at the reserve as you wish. The world-famous Great migration at Masai Mara attracts numerous visitors who come to see this fascinating sight. Visits to Masai villages will give you a better experience and understanding of Masai culture that is characterized by a very simplified lifestyle.