Grand Canyon, USA

Located in Northern Arizona, Grand Canyon is one of the most visited destinations in the US and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It comprises a massive canyon that encompasses several districts with the most famous one being the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the most famous national parks in the United States. South Rim is home to the Grand Canyon Village where you can get the best views of the area. There are historic buildings here and the area receives massive crowds of visitors from all over the world. Desert View is a historic watchtower and acts as a very popular storm for most travelers in the area and offers the best point for viewing Colorado River and the Canyon.
Hermits Rest is a snack bar/ gift shop that harmoniously fits in the local landscape and it is constructed using a mixture of wood and stone. Hiking is a popular activity in Grand Canyon and offers a unique experience of its kind. The hiking trails can be quite difficult but you will enjoy spectacular views all over the area. 
Unmaintained trails in the park are found all over and these are the best ones for more adventurous tourists. If you are looking for hiking options that are less strenuous, you can opt for the nature walks which offer fantastic views and don’t require a lot of exertion. When going for hiking in Grand Canyon, it is advisable that you know your limits well and care a lot of liquid with you as temperatures can be rather high.
Some of the best hiking trails in Grand Canyon include South Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel Trail, Hermit Trail, Grandview Trail, and a few others. Professional tours and safaris are also organized in Grand Canyon by tour companies which include hiking, off-road sighting, airplane tours, and helicopter tours. Whitewater rafting is nowadays becoming a very popular activity in Grand Canyon as these are some of the most exciting expeditions to do.
Grand Canyon is also a great destination for shopping and you will find many tourist trinkets related to Grand Canyon, American Southwest, and Native American Indians. The South Rim is the best place to shop as there are many shops unlike the North Rim which only boasts of a single shop at North Rim Lodge. Some of these shopping places include the Hopi House, Lookout Studio, and Hermit’s Rest.
There are many restaurants in Grand Canyon that offer fine dining options for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Some of the best places to get a meal in Grand Canyon include Arizona Room, Bright Angel Restaurant, and El Tovar Hotel Dining Room. For entertainment and cocktails, you can visit El Tovar Lodge and Grand Canyon Lodge Dining Room. Sleeping options are available in various hotels, campgrounds and lodges both outside and inside the park. Lodging at Grand Canyon is not just expensive but also fills early and you need to reserve your stay well in advance before your travel date is due.