3 Different But Fun Things To In Oxford

Because Oxford is a city that attracts quite a few tourists it’s easy for a visit to the city to become dominated by the ‘safe’ choices. A boat ride down the Thames, self-propelled or otherwise, a guided walk around the town and university buildings or a visit to some of the museums are all excellent things to do, but occasionally it’s nice to do something a bit different to the norm. Here are three things to do in Oxford that are fun, but just a little bit different from the usual sightseeing.
1. Ready, Set, Go. For some real excitement head on over to Karting Oxford. This custom-built go-kart track is just south of the city and offers you the chance to race around its challenging course. It’s fun for all ages because Karting Oxford also runs special kids sessions. These are carefully monitored and safety is paramount, but the kids can still have a great time. It is possible to book slots on the track but the company also allows you to just turn up, pay and get on with the race. The track has been built with long straights and some tight chicanes to offer the chance for speed and tight maneuvering.
2. Sweet Delights. Oxford’s Covered Market is a favorite with the locals and worth exploring, especially if you love chocolate and sweets. There’s a dazzling array of shops and stalls in the market, but make sure to go to Chocology. This chain opened its first shop right here in the market and you can find out all about how chocolate is made before buying some of their tastiest Belgian chocolates to fuel the rest of your shopping trip. 
3. Stretch And Relax. If you want to get in some relaxation time while you’re visiting Oxford then drop into The Yoga Garden. Located in the trendy Summertown district of Oxford this is Oxford’s first custom-built yoga center. There is a wide variety of classes on offer, from different forms of yoga to pilates, tai chi, and dance. You don’t have to be a member, just turn up to a class that suits you and get involved. After you’ve finished your class then grab some refreshments at the award-winning Italian restaurant Chibo! which is on the same site. 
Remember a visit to Oxford doesn’t have to mean a wander around the Bodleian. Oxford is a vibrant city with plenty of alternative things to occupy your time, all you have to do in know where to look.