Hanga Roa, Easter Island

Located in Chile in the province of Easter Island, Hanga Roa serves as the capital, harbor and main town of the province. With a population of about 5000 people, it is the most populous town on the Island. Avenida Abu is the major avenue in Hanga Roa and the heart and soul of this town. Most of the restaurants, hotels, stores, and the only pharmacy and supermarket are located along this avenue. At the town center, you will find the Roman Catholic Church and the museum. With increasing technological advancement and development of communication services majorly funded by the Chilean government, the city has recently seen the cropping up of numerous automated teller machines and internet cafes.
There is also a huge stadium in Hanga Roa which is a multi-purpose known as the Estadio de Hanga Roa and it is the ground for the local football team. There are several guesthouses and hotels distributed all over the town which and mostly used by the large number of tourists to Hanga Roa who mostly visit the town to see the famed World Heritage Sites especially the moai statues. Traveling to Hanga Roa and the rest of the island is facilitated by the International Airport of Mataveri and there are direct flights from Lima, Papeete, and Santiago.
Hanga Roa is a hub of culture and traditions which are well represented by art galleries and museums alongside other fun and interesting attractions that will impress any visitor. The two museums found in the city are worthy of a visit especially for visitors with little children or young families. Also, remember to visit the Maritime Museum which stores many other cultural artifacts.
Rano Kau and Taura Island are attributed as the two main features that have shaped the tourism landscape of Hanga Roa city. Orongo is another unique and fun tourist attraction worth a visit which has continued to pull many visitors into the region from far and near locations. If you are not sure about the exceptional attractions the city offers, you can ask for directions from local tour guides who are always friendly and always willing to help.
The main city attractions in Hanga Roa comprise the Te Ra’ai Restaurant which has made eating a tourist activity on the Island. The local typical food selections are worth a taste and restaurants such as Makona and Caldillo de Congrio know exactly what it is required to prepare the most delicious meals.
Hanga Roa is also famed for its amazing night attractions that will give you all the reasons you want not to be in your bed at night. A typical night in the city especially during weekends is characterized by group excursions, entertainment, and food. Some of the notable weekend attractions such as Topatangi and Toroko bring an inevitably great and a memorable celebration. Hanga Roa is also an exciting place for kids as there are exhilarating and exciting spots for adventures such as attractions along Moai Road that are a wonder of excitement for children and adults alike.