Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton serves as the capital of Bermuda Island and it is the only city here. Despite being just a small city, Hamilton is nevertheless a friendly and vibrant city and everything in Bermuda revolves around Hamilton. As the major container port here, Hamilton City serves as the trading and shipping center in Bermuda. The most developed section of Hamilton is the Front Street which is the soul, heart, and life of the city of Hamilton and the entire Island of Bermuda. All the main and important activities are carried out here and it is the place to find the most glittering restaurants, great shops, and a wide range of commercial establishments including retail shops, insurance companies, and banks in Bermuda.
Centrally located in the Bermuda Island, Hamilton City enjoys a strategic positioning and faces Hamilton harbor and the nearby Hamilton Parish even though it is not related to the city in anyway. The city has over time developed rapidly and transformed to become the heart of tourism in Bermuda Island. This is well characterized by the Hamilton Bermuda hotels that offer you all the conveniences you would dream of during your trip to the city.  
From the restaurants, visitors can easily access other areas of Bermuda Island and Hamilton offers the best place for a memorable nightlife. As such, it is not surprising that some of the best and world-famous hotels and restaurants have Hamilton as their home. Most of the restaurants and bars are located on Front Street and their balconies offer am interesting view of Hamilton harbor. Visitors enjoy drinking and dining as they watch the beautiful boats sailing in the harbor. 
While it is possible to see most of the attractions in Hamilton on foot, a much better option would be using a carriage ride, and traveling in horse-drawn carriages is always a romantic experience worthy remembrance. One of your first places to visit should be the City Hall and Arts Center on Church Street. This is the famed national gallery of the island with many collections dating back in the 17th century. There is also a city hall that is always a hub of activities such as art performances including orchestral performances, recitals, dances, and theatrical plays alongside other international acts. 
Other top attractions in Hamilton City include the Bermuda Cathedral, St. Theresa’s Cathedral, Albuouys Point, Victoria Park, and Par- La Park, Waterfront Square, and the Cenotaph and others like War Memorial. Hamilton is a great shopping city with most of the major shopping stores and malls having main branches here. Most of the shops are to be found along Front Street, Queen Street, Burnaby Street, and Reid Street. 
Nightlife in Hamilton is always exciting and there are numerous alternatives on this including bars and pubs, night clubs as well as art performances such as musical concerts and ballet. Hotel Fairmont has the Friday happy hour which features live bands and offers the best opportunity for visitors to have a taste of the social life of the island.