Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands are characterized by a mountainous, rugged and hilly terrain and the area experiences occasional earthquakes from time to time. Recently, the Virgin Islands have been characterized by hurricanes and frequent floods and severe droughts. Saint Croix is the largest Island on the Virgin Islands. The more relaxed by the stunningly beautiful island of Saint John houses a tiny town, several resorts and the Virgin Islands National Park that covers almost two-thirds of the territory. The most populated and liveliest island is Saint Thomas which serves as the capital. Notable holidays observed in the Virgin Islands are the Transfer Day when the US gained control of the territory from Denmark and Emancipation Day. 
The Buck Island Reef National Monument is one of the key destinations on the Virgin Islands that were established with the aim of preservation of marine gardens. The Christened National Historic Site was built to preserve five historic structures and there a national historic park at Salt River Bay that houses large mango forests, submarine canyons, and coral reefs. Virgin Islands is well served by a reliable bus service and taxi services and visitors can still rent scooters and cars to tour around the island.

The Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument is made of submerged lands and it is definitely worth a few minutes of your time. There are many galleries in the Virgin Islands where you can buy fine pieces of art. Virgin Islands is duty-free meaning that shopping is not an expensive activity and you can find numerous items ranging from gold and diamond jewelry to tanzanite and rums along with other items that you might be looking for.

Driving in the Virgin Islands is on the left and you need to be careful when driving around. While traffic might not be very heavy to give you a hard time as such, you need to be careful not to hit pedestrians and cyclists on the way. Also, despite the fact that the Virgin Islands is relatively safe, visitors are advised to be very cautious at night. Currently, the problem of drug trafficking and related crimes have become quite popular nowadays. While tourists have never been targets of these crimes, they are nevertheless easy to prey on and most of the thieves usually take advantage of this to rob tourists. Even some restaurants are not safe and if you have to travel at night, it is highly recommended that you call a taxi.
Tourists are also not safe at the secluded beaches like Salt Pond Bay and must never leave their valuables unattended. Even though their health risks on the islands are rare, it is also important that you are a little cautious especially when drinking water or eating at the restaurants. However, the Virgin Islands are like paradise and you definitely don’t have to worry about that. The greeting system followed by islanders in the Virgin Islands follows the time of the day and greeting people is customary. All in all, Virgin Islands islanders are very hospitable and friendly to tourists and you can expect to take home a memorable experience.