Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten is shared between the French and the Dutch. Compared to Saint Martin, Sint Maarten is quite small and it has its capital at Philipsburg. The island is recognized as an independent state but it is still within the Netherlands kingdom. Sint Maarten was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his voyage to West Indies in 1493. Ranging from Simpson Bay to Orient Bay and others, Sint Maarten is a perfect tourist destination for anyone interested in life on the beach. However, there are plenty of other options besides the shore. There are some visitors who will spend their entire day on the streets just bargaining with store owners and street vendors while others will spend their evenings in the casinos and nightclubs especially at the Dutch side. Just like any other destination with a vibrant nightlife, visitors in Sint Maarten are advised to stay cautious. 
Sint Maarten Island is a home for some well-reputed gamblers and casinos here are many than you might possibly imagine. Since gambling is a legal activity in Sint Maarten, casinos here are always buzzing with activities but you should be careful as a tourist if you are tempted to gamble. In fact, the island is famously referred to as the Caribbean Vegas and most of the good casinos are located at the Dutch side. The biggest casino is Yoyale that houses several bars and some great dance spots.
Nightlife in Sint Maarten is the liveliest at the Caribbean Islands. The island simply delivers to your expectations at night especially in Philipsburg. There are also happy hours and nightly events held at the beach restaurants and bars that are also great. Evening action in Sint Maarten is just awesome and you can get more information at their tourist office or your hotel.
Sint Maarten is an exceptional place to go shopping and apart from the resort boutiques, other shopping places on Sint Maarten Island are found in the capital especially along the Front Street that is regarded as the soul of the city. In addition to being a free port, there are also no local taxes on sales which means that items are pretty cheap here and you can expect to find the lowest prices here of all the Caribbean Islands. When shopping for jewelry and other items, try to bargain for a better deal.
For active tourists traveling to Sint Maarten, it is advisable that you sail into the waters or go hiking or mountain biking at the hills. Most visitors really like sailing and tracks for biking activities are clearly mapped out. For those interested in beaches, you can go swimming at Simpson Bay or just relax at Plum Bay. These beaches are awesome destinations for diving and snorkeling and some are actually swimsuit optional. The Maho Bay is preserved for vacationers even though it doesn’t offer a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to its close location to Prices Juliana airport, you can bring your camera along and take photos of the planes as they land.