Lusaka, Zambia

Located in Lusaka Province, Lusaka serves as the country’s capital city. This cosmopolitan city is also the largest and most populous in Zambia. Unlike in the past where visitors had first to fly to Johannesburg, travelling to Lusaka has of late become quite easy as there are low-cost flight connections through the Middle East and many African countries. Lusaka and the country as a whole have some notable attractions that have increased the number of tourists to this destination over the couple of years. Soweto Market is a modernized market that seems to sell almost everything ranging from used clothes to beans. There are also traditional medicines in the market as well as engine spare parts and bicycle repair mechanics.
The Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka is a concrete, elegant building featuring stained tall glass windows. Visitors can attend a Sunday morning service at the cathedral and join the locals in worship. The Henry Tayali Gallery is showground in the city that contains local art exhibitions where you can buy professional and unique pieces of work. The Munda Wanga Environmental Park houses a sanctuary, botanical garden, Wildlife Park, environmental education centre as well as a recreational village.
This park receives more than 50, 000 tourists every year and it aims at informing people about natural heritage and environment. There are some animals at the park-like baboons and others which are caught during illegal pet trading activities in Zambia. The Lilayi Lodge is a wildlife ranch located in Lusaka where you can enjoy a game drive as you see the animals in the wild. There are excellent hosts and restaurants at the lodging and Sunday buffets are simply awesome. 
The National Museum in Lusaka is located along the Independence Avenue which is definitely worth a visit. It houses amusing collections of art pieces as well as an awesomely engaging exhibition covering the colonial history of Zambia, witchcraft and village life. Old cuttings of newspapers give the museum an interesting glimpse. Exploring the city of Lusaka is an interesting thing to do whether it is in the diverse suburbs or at the informal settlements. You can always get a map at the tourist information centre that will help you explore the city better at the shopping areas and in the market. However, ensure that you don’t carry your valuables around but leave them in your hotel room. 
The Parray’s Game Ranch is a fantastic place to visit for great game drives, playground and swimming. You can see some zebras and other herbivores such as Kudu. The Chaminuka Lodge is located just near the airport and has amazing facilities and a lodge. This park is privately owned and has many antelopes, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hyenas and elephant. While Lusaka has been a relatively safe place for some time, it has of late been plagued by increased crime rate making it a dangerous place especially in certain suburb areas. Pickpocketing in Lusaka is very common and you will need to be very cautious especially when strolling in the town.