Colloquially, Gibraltar is referred to as the ‘Rock’. Located on the Mediterranean Ocean it is UK’s overseas territory and has Spain as its closest neighbor to its north. While citizens here are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, they are extremely loyal to Britain. For curious and adventurous travelers, Gibraltar is quite a unique destination that you should consider visiting. 
You will have a great time exploring the tunnels and caves even though they aren’t meant for exploration by tourists. While the area seems largely deserted, there is a strong security characterized by heavy military presence. Gibraltar is quite a small territory and not more than 7 sq. kilometers and most of it can be explored in the foot. Roads here are quite steep and driving around in a taxi is always a great strain.
As highlighted above, Gibraltar is a great destination for exploration, and the Europa point is a strategic spot as it is the meeting place for the Mediterranean and Atlantic and Africa coast can be seen from here. Gibraltar offers great views of Africa and you can as well visit the Upper Rock which houses a military installation as well as a nature reserve that is home to the famous Barbary Macaques monkeys.
St Michael’s Cave is a natural, very impressive grotto that is used by local Neolithic inhabitants. Siege Tunnels comprises numerous tunnel systems that were used for defense during the famous Great Siege. You can also take a short trip to the bay for dolphin watching as the playful sea animals will definitely wow you after which you can proceed to the Gibraltar Museum.
If you are not afraid of taking the riskiest walk on the earth, you can visit the Mediterranean steps and enjoy the fantastic views of Gibraltar. Struggling to climb uphill is always a great experience for curious tourists. Official currency in Gibraltar is Gibraltar pound that is accepted in all the government offices, businesses, and banks. You can exchange your Gibraltar notes at the bank even though you might be charged a fee for the service. Most of the shops including restaurants do not accept debit and credit cards and you should thus carry sufficient cash during your travel.
Eating in Gibraltar can be done at Casemates Square where you can enjoy your meal in the open as you enjoy the open world. There are many restaurants, pubs, and hotels even though meals served in them are fairly similar. Nevertheless, if you are looking for some sweet Italian dish, head on to Café Solo. There are also numerous pubs and bars along the roads such as The Clipper that has satellite television, friendly staff and serves very good food.
For waterside dining, the marina is the place to visit. Kosher restaurants, minimarkets, and bakeries are situated all over the city where you can enjoy your favorite kosher food. The crime rate in Gibraltar is low as the local police force is very efficient. However, you should be careful at late night as cases of attacks have been reported even though they are rare.