Georgetown, Guyana

The cultured city of Georgetown is very friendly in nature and depicts a beautiful combination of Asian influence, English heritage, and the Caribbean warmth. Guyanese people are famed for their extreme hospitality and friendliness and a visit to Georgetown will only leave you with memorable, mind-blowing experiences. Getting around in Georgetown is facilitated by the cheap taxis that give you an opportunity to sightsee the city in style. The city is heavily dominated by Brazilian cuisine which is normally characterized by meat. The national drink in Georgetown and the rest of Guyana is Banks and there are also local Guinness brewers.
Surprisingly, Georgetown is very lively at nighttime and gold miners, overseas Guyanese and traders throw cash in the clubs. At night, you shouldn’t miss The Sea Wall as you will find a lot of young people parading here. Most of the nightclubs and bars are situated along the Sheriff Street where you can have fun dancing or just drinking around. However, it is advisable that you are careful at night as the city is not very safe and after clubbing the whole night, it is advisable that you take a cheap taxi home. Albertstown is a rather rough neighborhood that you should keep off as the HIV epidemic is a serious problem here.
For quite a long time, the Cathedral at Georgetown had a reputation of being the world’s tallest wooden free-standing building until 2003 when it was topped by Romania. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth a visit. The numerous little stalls at Stabroek Market assure you of everything you might need as you enjoy a ride in a speedboat. The National Museum of Guyana is located in Georgetown and a must-visit as well as the botanical gardens which serve as the Guyana Zoological Park.
The gardens are set in Victorian style and you will find an avenue lined with royal palms and several ponds with manatees. There are also many heritage sites in Georgetown such as the parliament buildings, Victorian Law courts, and City Hall which all have a unique, lovely architecture that dates back in the 18 century. There is also the Guyanese Heritage Museum and the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology that aims at the collection, exhibition, and conservation of artifacts that are related to the historical culture of the Guyana people and also used for anthropological researches. Foreign ministers meet at Umana Yama that was built by the native Guyanese people. The Splashmins Fun Park & Resort attracts large numbers of tourists as well.
Shopping in Georgetown is always a memorable activity and Guyana is famed for its world-recognized rums, crafts, exceptional jewelry, and fine fragrances. Shopping malls and markets are numerous in the city such as the notorious Stabroek Market that offers great bargains. The coast is lined with beautiful mangroves and visiting the Shell Beach will leave you with a great experience. Places to stay in Georgetown are many and varied and include Le Meridien Pegasus Guyana, Hotel Tower, Cara Suites, and Friends Hotel & Apartments among other fine accommodation centers.