Dodoma, Tanzania

Dodoma city is centrally located in Tanzania which gives it a strategic advantage as most tourists get to make it to this city when on a trip to the city. Dodoma city as the political capital city of the country in 1973, a status it took in 1973. By the 19802, a new parliament building and other government buildings were erected in the city, and plans were laid down to have the ministry offices and other key state functions shifted to Dodoma. Unfortunately, due to environmental factors especially a limitation of water supply, the city never lived its dream of being the national capital and all the plans were abandoned. As such, Dar Es Salaam continued to host most of the embassies and ministries and Dodoma still retains its title as the capital city arbitrarily in theory.
Dodoma is well served by a good transport service and getting around the city is quite easy as there are plentiful minibusses and taxis. Dodoma is relatively flat and biking is a common activity and in fact, most tourists opt to use bikes when touring the city. There are not so many things that could be of tourist interest but you can also expect not to be bored during your trip here. The new parliament building, known as binge is proof of earthquakes that attack the city occasionally. Bunge is a must-visit building but accessing the area might be limited and you should get permission from the authorities to do so. Photography is also forbidden at the building just like other key places in the city. The Ismaili Mosque is also a must-visit as it is one of the most attractive religious sites in Dodoma.
The Lion Rock or Simba Hill offers a good view of the entire city and its entire surroundings. However, if you are to visit the area, you must do so in a group as mugging cases are not a surprise here. Excursions and trekking are offered by local tour operators even though you will need to make some reservations. If you are a swimming fanatic, Dodoma has two awesome swimming pills that you will not want to miss. You can also opt to spend your afternoon watching TV at the clubs or bodybuilding in the Dodoma Hotel that has a well-equipped gym and fitness center. 
Shopping in Dodoma city is also an awesome activity to partake in especially in the newly built Shabibi Supermarket that stocks a wide range of interesting items. Yashna’s Supermarket is one of the biggest shopping spots in the city and has canned vegetables, pasta, biscuits, chocolates, frozen cheese, cosmetics, and other local items. The Two Sisters is increasingly becoming a popular shopping area in Dodoma for wine, candies, Indian snacks, and crisps. The staff at the shop is very helpful and friendly. Sleeping is available in several guest houses distributed all over the city like the CCT Hostel, Shukrani, Nam Hotel, Veta, and others.