Damascus, Syria

Syria has been experiencing a state of severe political crisis and civil and travel to Damascus is highly discouraged. In fact, the government and opposition groups have been fighting each other for a couple of years now and this has resulted in death and injuries among its citizens and foreigners as well. Considering that Damascus is the nation’s capital, fighting has intensified in this city unlike other regions in Syria. As such, the city is extremely dangerous and insecure for everyone especially tourists who are always an easy target by the warring groups. Until everything clears up and there is formal communication about the safety of Damascus, it is important that you don’t consider the city your next stop for a holiday vacation.
Damascus is a relatively huge city and with an approximate population of 4.5 million people, the city is the second-largest in the country. Damascus has a rich history and it is in most cases argued to be the oldest city that has been inhabited continuously in the world. If you have ever been to Damascus, the old wall that surrounds the city gives it an ancient feeling and if it were not for the war, Damascus would have inviting tourism resources that are definitely worth your time. The entire city in its own right is regarded as a tourist site and is also the social and religious capital of Syria despite being the administrative center. One of the first things you will see in Damascus in case you risk it all and travel to the city is Souq al- Hamidiyya. This broad street in the city features many tiny shops and entry is made through columns and you will find copper items, leather items, silk scarves, and other items on sale here.
The Umayyad mosque is a great building with a wonderful architectural design and has served multiple religious purposes ranging from being a temple to a church and mosque as well. Christians believe that John the Baptist is buried here and Muslims on the other hand hold that the grave belongs to Prophet Yahya. The great Mausoleum of Salah al-Din is also worthy of a visit as well as Azzam palace and October War Panorama which are all located in the city. Mount Qasioun offers a great platform of viewing the city and this is one of the must-visit areas in Damascus. The mountain peak can be accessed easily and you can as well find different selections of refreshments and food at the peak.
Old Damascus has several restaurants which you can visit and appreciate the unique character of each of them and some of the popular ones include Narcissus Palace, Beit Jabri, and others. The Turkish bath or Bathe in a Hammam is an exciting place to visit and tourists can also relax at the Hooka café in the city. While Damascus doesn’t have so much to offer to tourists, it is still a worthwhile destination to visit if it were not for the insecurity in the city.