Cockburn town, Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands have Cockburn town as their capital town with a population of slightly 3700 people only. The town is actually located at Grand Turk Island is the largest and most popular Island in Turks Islands archipelago. Cockburn features historic Bermudian architecture in its streets which gives visitors an authentic feeling anytime they are at the Island. Cockburn town is famous for its narrow streets that are quite long and have old lamps lined on the streets. Hawk’s Nest Anchorage is much closer to the town than other anchorages. However, if you intend to enter the anchorage on your visit to Cockburn, it is essential that you do so only when there is sufficient lighting as reefs seem to block the entrance most of the time. 
Cockburn has a rich history dating back in 1776 when the government seat was first formed. Cockburn town boasts as the first to be settled by inhabitants permanently and its origin is associated with ancient salt collectors. Over time, it has developed in a fast manner and attracted a wide range of visitors from all walks of life. The Turks and Caicos National Museum is housed in Cockburn and it is one of the reasons why visitors come here. It is actually it is found in Guinea House which was built during the colonial era at the Front Street.
History has it that the house is almost 200 years old. Most of the structural materials used in the building of the museum were sourced from shipwrecks at the locality which includes a mast of a ship that was used as main support for the building after which it was made a museum in the year 1990. The museum has a wide range of collections especially shipwrecks exhibitions like the oldest European shipwreck at the Molasses Reef Wreck in around 1505.
There are still many other exhibits especially those detailing the historical background of Luyanas, slavery, sisal, salt, postage stamps royal events, Space Race, and so on. Still, visitors to the island also get to know about the general history of these islands and there is also a nice garden maintained by the museum just adjacent to Guinep house. There are many research projects that take place at the museum which could interest visitors. For instance the Bottle Project at the national museum records messages dating more than 40 years ago.
Cockburn town has a wide range of restaurants ranging from budget and upscale restaurants to mid-range and expensive restaurants. Most of them serve seafood, pizza, Deli. Mexican dishes, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean and other international dishes including Spanish and Irish dishes. Some of the best restaurants to reserve a booking include Bay Bistro, Coco Bistro, Coyaba Restaurant, and the Island Thyme Bistro. Shopping at Cockburn town is also a major activity that tourists can engage in. some of the most available items include art galleries, clothing, crafts, gifts/ souvenirs, accessories/ jewelry, wines and spirits, and well as furniture.