Tuvalu Islands

Tuvalu islands sit on South Pacific and collectively, these small islands make one of the smallest countries in the world. The various islands making Tuvalu include Funafuti which is the capital and home to more than half of the entire population on the island. Other islands include Nanumanga, Niulakita, Nanumea, Niue, Niutao and Vaitupu and a few others. 
Fongafale is one of the well-developed cities in Tuvalu. Tuvalu has an international airport in Funafuti which acts as the main gateway to Tuvalu. Funafuti has the only main road in Tuvalu and the runway at the airport is used as a recreational center by locals and visitors when there are no scheduled landings. Exploring the island is best done using a motorbike and you can only access the other islands using a boat.
The main business and government language in Tuvalu is English but Tuvaluan is also widely spoken as well alongside Kiribati and Samoan even though they are not the official languages. Tuvalu has a tropical climate that is largely influenced by the East trade winds which bring with them heavy rains. Fortunately, Tuvalu is safe from natural phenomena but adverse sea-level changes are common in the islands at a low level. Tuvalu is not such a great destination to boast about more so for tourists looking for spectacular sights. This is largely attributed to the small size of island land and it is neither an architectural heritage nor a city destination.
While Tuvalu has no mountain ranges, rivers, gorges, or hills, Tuvalu is a relative destination just like other pacific islands. There are pretty beaches where you can spend quality time as well in the shadows of the palm trees. Being relatively remote, Tuvalu still boats of its intact traditional local culture and for this reason, the best tourist asset in the island is the local people. Festivals characterized by traditional dancing are also a way of life for the people.
Historical wartime remains are a key characteristic of tourism in Tuvalu considering that the island was a hot spot for WW2. You can explore the remains of airstrips, plane wrecks, and bunkers. Motilal Island also has an airstrip and you can give it a visit as well. You can purchase some local crafts at the airport which houses Tuvalu Women Handcraft Centre.
Funafuti Conservation Area is one of the best places to catch some beautiful natural sights including reefs, channels, and a gorgeous lagoon. Thanks to its marine life diversity, it is an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. For visitors with some to spare, the other outer islands are easily accessible by the use of a boat. You can buy woodcarvings, baskets, mats, ornaments and fans at the islands.
Tuvalu boasts of having many restaurants and lodges where you can get some delicacies and drinks. Ethnic cuisines are largely served in Tuvalu especially Indian, Italian and Chinese foods. Most of the restaurants also serve fish while the bars serve alcohol and soft drinks as well. Accommodation facilities are available at Vaiaku Lagi Hotel owned by the state, Fale Tolu Motel, Militano Lode, and Vailuatai Lodge.