The small island of Nauru sits on the South Pacific Ocean and largely known for its being the smallest independent country in the world. The history of Nauru is largely based on mining in its rich phosphate deposits. The island has a tropical climate and its terrain is largely composed of sandy beaches and coral reefs especially on the shallow areas. A larger portion of this island comprises of worked- out mining surfaces which the government has made tremendous efforts to rehabilitate. 
The island also has a lagoon as well which is the only water body in Nauru. Ideally, the island is very small such that getting around will take you not more than an hour when driving. Traffic in Nauru drives on left and if you happen to rent a car, you need to be cautious of this and be on the lookout for pedestrians and animals crossing the road. Nauruan is the official language but most people also understand and speak English.
Apart from the usual island attractions, Nauru doesn’t have more to offer but you can expect a great holiday vacation here anyway. The Anibare bay is home to most of the tropical beaches in Nauru and one of the most visited places on the island. The Anibare Harbor was built in 200 and financed largely by the Japanese government. Government buildings in Nauru especially the Parliament House is a notable attraction in Yaren which is the country’s official capital city. A picturesque spot in Nauru is the Buada lagoon located at the heart of the island. This freshwater lagoon is heavily surrounded by dense vegetation including palm trees on all sides. Unfortunately, the water here is not conducive for swimming as it is very dirty. However, you can take some photos of the lagoon.
There are also a few exciting things to do in Nauru staring with taking a walk to the interior of the island. There is a sealed terrain and you can opt to walk, ride, or drive and get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the island. Yaren is a fantastic place for exploration as you get to see the World War relics and remains of bunkers, pillboxes, and guns mostly used by the Japanese during World War 2. The highest point in Nauru is Command Ridge where you can go climbing. Football is a popular sport in Nauru and you can enjoy watching local teams take on one another. Linkbelt Oval sports field is the best place to catch a game especially during the weekend.
Game fishing is an exciting thing to do in Nauru as well after which you can proceed on to Cappele and Partner for some shopping. This is the largest departmental store in Nauru and stocks a wide range of items. Anibore Habour is a great spot for swimming in the rocky and shallow beaches. Sleeping is offered in the two hotels found here with Menen Hotel being a little expensive while Od’n Aiwo Hotel attracts budget visitors and offers good services s well.