Marigot, Saint Martin

Marigot is located on the island of Saint Martin that is split between Saint Martin Island at the French and Sint Maarten in Dutch territory. Other cities on the island neighboring Marigot are Philipsburg which is the major dock for most of the cruise ships and also the capital for the Dutch side as well as the Grande Case city where you will find some of the excellent restaurants on the island.
Marigot city is just a small landmass sitting on the island and the capital ‘city’ of the French side of Saint Martin Island. You will find several signs and monuments in Marigot trying to demarcate Saint Martin from the other Dutch territory. Tourism in Marigot is largely supported by the fact that there are no restrictions of movements for the tourists and locals on either side live peacefully with one another. 
Presently, Marigot is undergoing rapid developments that have transformed the city into one of the most visited areas on the Island. Timeshare buildings have promoted tourism in Marigot in a major way. Most of the locals speak English and communication shouldn’t be a major problem as such. Being a city located on an island, the obvious tourist attraction in Marigot are beaches. 
Honestly speaking, there are so many beaches in Marigot and most of them have nice hotels that assure you a mind-blowing experience. Additionally, the city appears to be dotted by cafes and bars especially along the beaches which attract many tourists as a week. On the beach, you can undertake obvious water activities like snorkeling and some little bit of swimming and diving. Sunbathing at the beach is not an unusual thing as the city has some of the clearest waters in Saint Martin.
Another major reason why you might consider visiting Saint Martin is due to Marigot Market. Mostly held on both Friday and Wednesday mornings, the Marigot market assures you an authentic experience of life on the island. In the early morning hours, you will be met by fishermen bringing their haul of fishes after spending the night fishing in the waters. Later along, the market will be filled with vegetable and fruit sellers and spice vendors as well. The air is simply filled with some tropical scents from the spice and you can expect an experience like no other. 
For shoppers, there are many decorative items and jewelry sold by local artisans which you can buy if you don’t prefer the perishable stuff. There are t-shirts and hats as well as other items that you can buy and take home. After you are done with shopping, just enter a nearby Marigot café and get ready to be spoiled by their wide selection of cuisines and drinks. The paradise peak offers nice views of the entire Marigot city even though you won’t find signs of how you can get there. Nevertheless, it is the best place in Saint Martin to go for hiking trails. Fort Saint Louis monument also offers great views but expect to be ripped off as a tourist.