Ljubljana, Slovenia

The city of Ljubljana is not a world-famous tourist destination point as attractions in this city are extremely limited. So, rather than just hoping all over the city, it is a good idea to just stroll around the city taking photos as you simply enjoy this city just the way it is. During summertime, Ljubljana is full of sponsored events ranging from public playgrounds to children workshops as well as musical events and performances. During autumn, Ljubljana is largely dominated by students from the largest university in the city which gives the city a youthful character. December is, as usual, a cold season but New Year and Christmas decorations, abundance of drinks, and food give the city a lively feeling. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia.
Ljubljana is a very charming city and full of art galleries, museums, and artists. Its population is merely 300, 000 and listed among the smallest European capital cities. Visitors entering Ljubljana are served by Joze Pucnik Airport which has a wide range of facilities like a bank, parking, ATMs, money exchange, information desk, post office, duty-free stores, bars, cafes and restaurants among other facilities.
Since the city doesn’t have many tourist attractions as such, you might want to visit other remote destinations in which case it is advisable that you hire a car. However, the city is so small that you can just explore it by foot and the tourist information center will provide you with a free mark. You can as well rent a bike and explore the city even in a more fun way.
Except for the archaeological museum and zoo, other attractions are easily reached by foot. The Triple Bridge, the charming old town, and Dragon Bridge are a must-visit. The Ljubljana castle is a large tower that provides spectacular views of the city. The square of the Republic is the place where Slovenia was proclaimed an independent country in 1991 from the Yugoslav Federation. The nicely decorated Slovene Parliament is worth a visit as well as the nearby International Business Centre. Other places of interest to tourists in Ljubljana include the Ljubljana Zoo, Tivoli Park, Metelkova City, and Krakovo.
Museums are also an important aspect of attractions in Ljubljana starting with the architecture museum which contains an archive, valuable personal objects of the artists as well as furniture and photo archives. The Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana is a must-visit for tourists interested in contemporary art and houses sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, electronic media, video, and photography collections. Ljubljana has maintained a great reputation of being an extremely safe capital to visit, whether during day time or at night.
Foreign tourists should not expect any trouble in Ljubljana unless they go searching for trouble. Even the seemingly rougher parts in Ljubljana are quite safe but don’t go displaying your valuables as the locals might not be very kind to you. Tivoli Park is one of the most popular destinations in Ljubljana for a picnic and you will always find large crowds of people having fun.