Kinshasa, DR Congo

With a population of over 10 million people, the capital of DRC, Kinshasa is the most populous city in Africa. Once a modernized city, Kinshasa has suffered a great deal from the armed conflicts that have imposed on the city by various neighboring countries even the infrastructure is slowly being restored. The city of Kinshasa is huge in every aspect and not easily explored on foot. Most of the traveling needs of people around the city are served by the local bus service. While locals are used to them, foreigners and tourists should get themselves ready to travel in the hot, cramped vehicles that are quite risky as most of them are not roadworthy.
Despite is big size and large population, Kinshasa doesn’t have much to offer to tourists which makes it one of the least traveled African cities especially considering the fighting that has rocked the city. However, if you happen to find yourself in Kinshasa, start by visiting the bonobos at Lac de ma Valee where you can rent a boat with all the necessary gears and experience an unforgettable experience in the waters. Le Marche des Valeurs is also worth a visit by tourists interested in arts even though they are quite expensive.
However, despite the high prices of the paintings, they are truly of great quality and definitely worth every penny. Street art is also quite attractive and it offers a more fun and relaxed way to shop in Kinshasa. However, always remember to negotiate the prices toughly as the tourists will try to take advantage of tourists in every way possible.
The small village of Kinkole is found in the rural area of Kinshasa but boasts of having very nice restaurants where you can taste local foods and other cuisines. The village has so many people who travel here to relax and can be crowded at times. There is also a local fisherman market in Kinkole where you can buy some seafood and take some photos. A good restaurant that you will definitely not want to avoid is Jardin d’Eden located along the shores of River Nsele. Atmosphere he is quite nice and relaxing and you can enjoy very affordable food.
Time in Kinshasa is either spent calmly or lively. If you are a calm tourist, you can pay the Association Belgo Congolais a visit and rent some videos. In addition, some areas in Kinshasa are great for some jogging/ walking especially near the German and British embassies. You can also join a Sunday morning church service as well. The VIP Bar is a great place to have a lively night as you dance to local music. Judo or the Japanese Martial Art is also exciting to watch and attract large crowds of people. Kinshasa is not a safe city as such and you will need to watch out especially for the common opportunist thieves who might snatch your belongings. Cases of road police by fake police have been on the increase lately in Kinshasa and you need to be cautious about this also.