Caracas, Venezuela

Located just close to the Caribbean in the northern parts of Venezuela, Caracas is the largest and capital city of the country. However, Venezuela is a country that is extremely rich in amazing tourist resources. Unfortunately, most of them are not located in Caracas, and despite the city being the capital, it is said that most travelers just bypass it while proceeding to other tourism richer cities in the country. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that Caracas is not worthy of a visit as it is still very fascinating during exploration thanks to its bustling nightlife and outstanding food and art. The city is located in a gorgeous valley and overlooks Mount Avila which most of the landscapes of the city are based on. 
Locals have Caracas as their most popular vacation spot during weekends partly due to the ease of accessibility of this marvelous city. Caracas is not a quite safe city and foreigners should be extremely cautious as violence in the city is not unusual. In fact, there are some areas that are no going zones for foreigners and during a weekend, more than 20 murders in the city are reported with a significant portion of this being tourists.
As such, even though the city offers a brilliant nightlife, it is essential that your common sense and stay safe during your vacation. Being highly cosmopolitan, diverse gastronomy is one of the major admiration of the city by most travelers. Bars and restaurants located all over the city are an inspiration of different cultures especially from Middle East regions and Europe. Partying in Caracas at night will go on until 5 o’clock but to stay safe, it is recommended that you hire a cab to your hotel room. 
Caracas has been identified as one of the most costly destinations worldwide for a holiday vacation. This is partly contributed by the complicated forex control system applied by the authorities who end up making tourism products and services extremely expensive. As highlighted above, Caracas is not the main attraction city in Caracas but despite this, there are sufficient attractions and sights that will fill your four days vacation.
However, most international travelers tend to overlook the tourism potential of the city. La Plaza Bolivar is located next to the congress and this government building is a good representation of the colonial architecture in the country. Other attractions of touristic interest include La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar, Museo de Arte Colonial, and Universidad Central de Venezuela. 
The Jardin Botanico is one of the most impressive gardens for relaxation in the city and features well-kept trees and tropical plants. Another popular park in Caracas is the Parque Del Este which houses a cafe, a zoo, and visitors can go to watch turtles here. The city also has an art gallery known as the Centro de Arte La Estancia where local artists display their unique exhibits. There are also some interesting things to do in Caracas like hiking at mountain Avila and tourists should not expect a boring trip to this city.