Honiara, Solomon Islands

Situated on Guadalcanal, Honiara serves as the capital city of Solomon Islands. Visitors to Honiara get in through Henderson Field International Airport which is served by various airlines including the weekly Air Pacific airline from Nadi, Solomon Airlines, Air Niugini, and Pacific Blue airline that offers connections to Brisbane on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Getting around the capital is best done using the cheap taxis which are found in plenty here. You can easily order one by the usual flagging method. If you want even a much cheaper travel option, there are minibusses that frequently ferry people around the island especially along the coastal strip. 
Attractions in Honiara are not many as such but World War sites seem to dominate Honiara. In fact, most of the fierce World War II battles were staged on Honiara hills. A guide can take you up the hills to see the sites while you also enjoy trekking to any of the several waterfalls found in Honiara like the famous Matanikau Falls.
There are many churches on the island and joining in a service would be a great idea for a visitor. You can find a church near the central market and you can join in their beautiful singing either on a Sunday when the main service takes place or in the evening especially on Saturday where there are smaller services. You can still go beaching on the island and enjoy the cool clear water. Alternatively, Mendrana Hotel has a good museum that mostly contains warfare item collections and you can still give it a visit.
The local central market is always buzzing with activities and you can wander through it and check some of the local items being sold. Most items include crafts, jewelry, and flowers especially during Saturday mornings where everyone on the island seems to be shopping. If you are a gambling fanatic, Honiara is a home to several casinos like the Supreme Casino and Honiara Casino where you can try your luck on some of the interesting games offered. And of course being on an island, you can enjoy water sporting activities such as diving, snorkeling and fishing. In addition, you can always organize with local guides for trips to the rest areas of the island.
Shopping in Honiara can be an exciting activity. Handmade crafts are usually sold as souvenirs to tourists especially at the nearby museum. You can also purchase wooden carving and woven baskets which are relatively cheap and great gifts to take home to your loved ones. There are many shops in Honiara selling clothing especially secondhand ones which are cheap as usual. Central market has handmade clothes for children.
Honiara is also home to many restaurants catering for a wide range of cuisines. Some of the hotels include The Lime Lounge, The Taj Mahal, Korean BBQ, Honiara Hotel, and The Yacht Club among others. Sleeping is offered in many hotels like The Honiara Hotel and The Airport Motel. Currently, the city has been experiencing some riots and civil unrests and you need to confirm its safety before traveling.