Bujumbura, Burundi

The East African city of Bujumbura serves as the capital city of Burundi. Being the largest city in the country, it is also the most visited by local and foreign tourists thanks to its vast tourism resources. One of the must-see attractions for any tourist is the Musee Vivant which is a museum of natural history and still zoo at the same time. Located within Bujumbura city, the museum houses a wide range of exhibits such as fish sourced from Lake Tanganyika, snakes, birds, and crocodiles. The grounds also house traditional Burundi villages which add a cultural taste to the museum. There are very friendly guides at the zoo and on a lucky day, you might get an encounter with some drummers performing cultural events and get to experience a way of life for the locals.
Rusizi National Park is home to many crocodiles and hippos that can be seen easily sunning along the Rusizi River. This is the same spot where the largest crocodile Nile in the world was seen and you will be guided through by a knowledgeable guide. You will go along stopping at various points that provide better views of birds, crocodiles, and hippos. The Livingstone Stanley Monument is located in the southern parts of Bujumbura.
While it might not be the exact place where the famous words by Stanley, ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume’ were said, the spot offers the best view of the great lake and it is definitely worth a visit. This was the spot where Stanly and Livingstone passed during their period of explorations and led to the establishment of a monument in the later years. 
Bujumbura hills offer scenic drives that you should definitely not miss as you get to see the beautiful Lake Tanganyika. Storekeepers along the way will serve you with a Fanta or banana beer to make your tour a gorgeous one. Bujumbura also has a number of beaches like the Karera beach which has a nice resort that you will love to visit. The Saga Plage is another beach with a nice entertainment complex, a hotel, and a restaurant. It is the best place that you can pass valuable time with locals. The Burundian drummer performances are where you get green Burundian culture in Bujumbura. If you are not lucky to find a local wedding reception, you can ask the locals to organize for you a private cultural performance which will be awesome. 
There are also a number of swimming pools in Bujumbura where you can go to catch some cool environment during the sunny, hot days. Another gorgeous swimming football is found at the University’ de Burundi. The war memorial in the city offers a wonderful sunset view. Groceries and souvenirs can be bought at several places as there are many local markets in the city. Eating is a major aspect of life in Bujumbura and people enjoy having meals out with their family members, friends, and lovely ones. Some of the most common dishes include fish brochette, beef, fresh salad, and other food selections.