Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown boasts as the sole city in the Caribbean island of Barbados which also serves as its capital. Since there is no other city on this Island, most of the residents in Barbados call Bridgetown home and it is still the liveliest part of the island. The city is the major port of call here for most of the cruise ships. Foreigners visit Bridgetown largely for its historical and cultural attractions as well as duty-free shopping. The most convenient and cheapest buses are found in Bridgetown thereby making traveling around the city easy. Most of the attraction sites in Bridgetown are within walking distances from the city center. You will find commuter buses offering easy travel to the various outlying sights like Savanna Green. The Barbados Museum in Bridgetown should be your first stop in the city and resting at a past British Military Prison, this prison offers an excellent spot for catching up with the rich history of the island. You will find coral exhibits, historical exhibits of indigenous inhabitants as well as recent history. Young children can enjoy an interactive section specifically designated for them and there is still a concession where you can get a cold drink. St. Mary’s Church in Bridgetown has been in the area since the early 1630. There are parliament buildings in Bridgetown built in a neo-Gothic style. Other areas that you should consider paying a visit are such as the broad street, Cheapside Market, and Swan Street. The Careenage once used to be a port call for ships and you will presently find various restaurants, boutiques, and bars in the stores and warehouses that were used by the port.
Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour in Bridgetown will allow you to interact with the island’s major agricultural crop, which is sugarcane and used in rum making. The distillery will provide you with a first-hand experience in the process of rum making. You can opt for any of the three types of tours offered including the standard tour, cocktail hour, and the lunch tour which are all offered at varying prices. The dive shop offers all the resources you need for scuba diving as well as snorkeling and some other few water sporting activities. The Kensington Oval is the best place to watch a cricket game and you will experience the excitement and fun associated with cricket in the West Indies. 
Horse racing is a very active activity in Bridgetown and a day at horse races will just be awesome and offer you a lifetime experience. There are several vendors in the city selling tourist kits such as beads and seas shells. Other stories in the city stock jewel and a range of other free duty goods which are generally inexpensive. A local music shop in the city sells DVDs of wonderful music collections ranging from reggae, Soca, and Calypso alongside other collections of Caribbean music. Accommodation facilities in Bridgetown are quite a few and can be quite expensive.