Banjul, Gambia

Despite being the capital city of Gambia, the island city of Banjul is not the largest in the country but comes second. It has a population of just over 40, 000 inhabitants with a significant portion of the population preferring to stay on the mainland between Banjul and the airport. The main business and tourist centers are Serrekunda, Kotu, Fajara, and Bakau. Lately, Banjul popularity has tremendously increased as a favorite package holiday destination of European visitors especially the British. The ‘Gambia Experience’ is the major travel company in the country even though other tour operators are slowly coming up with time.
Getting into the city is facilitated by the Banjul International Airport, otherwise referred to as the Yundum International Airport. Direct flights from the city are available to many parts of Africa and Europe such as Conakry, Freetown, Lagos, London, Brussels Barcelona, and Abidjan among others. Getting around the city is facilitated by taxis and most hotels in the city will have green taxis. Traveling to popular destinations in the city has a fixed price. Still, travelers can also rent bicycles or a car depending on their preference. Whichever way, any of these transportation means makes it easier to enjoy all the various attractions.
One of the notable attractions in Banjul is the Arch 22 that provides the best views of Banjul city from its 50 meters high gate. You will also find an ancient textile museum here with selected works of art from the popular textile industry. The Gambia National Museum is located in Banjul along Independence Drive. While it is just a small museum in terms of size, there are quite a large number of historic and cultural artifacts.
You can as well visit the Albert Market, Banjul courthouse, and Banjul state house and see what they have to offer as well. The African Heritage Centre or The African Heritage Museum is an art gallery and museum in the city. You will find numerous collections of African statues and art. The city is also a worship center with several mosques and two very big cathedrals. There are also awesome beaches in Banjul that you should consider visiting as well. 
Banjul largely sits on the Atlantic Ocean and for this reason; you can expect well priced and highly delicious seafood available. Peanuts are produced locally and are an awesome meal to visit during your travel. Accommodation in Banjul is offered in mid rage, splurge, and budget services. The Radio Sud Beach Bar used to be a pirate radio at one time until it was changed to a beach restaurant and bar.
You can visit the hotel and get the original owners to narrate to you the history behind the restaurant and you will be very thrilled. The Michels seafood bar is the best place to visit your favorite seafood. The Nefertiti hotel has a good buffer, free internet connection, and strategically located on the beach. The Kololi beach also has lots of good restaurants that you should consider visiting as well.