Chennai City, India

Chennai city sits elegantly along the Coromandel Coast. Boasting of a rich cultural heritage, the ancient city has managed to maintain its ethnicity over years of rapid modernization and developed to become a jewel of India. The city is characterized by long sandy beaches, historic landmarks and parks, and sculptures at the heart of the city. Chennai is a lively and vivacious city that is ever sprouting and growing tremendously. It is regarded as India’s center for culture and traditions with festivals such as the seven day Pongal event. 
Marina beach is perhaps the most famous tourist spot in Chennai also ancient shrines such as St. Thomas Mount and the Kapileswara temple that receives a considerable number of visitors year-round. Sightseeing activities at Chennai start at Fort St. George, home to a local museum that unveils the city’s history.
The colonial British legacy in India has its testimony at Clive House which is worthy of a visit. St. Mary’s Church is yet another attraction and is said to be the first Anglican Church ever built in India. The city’s progressiveness and development are depicted by the intrinsic sights of automobile, software, and industrial sectors lined up in the city. Chennai has amazingly managed to be a center for sophisticated software and technological development while still ensuring its traditions stay intact.
The culture of Chennai has been faced by the amalgamation of people with different cultures, varying morality, views, and beliefs. Chennai cosmopolitan features a combination of different ideas and cultures showing the diverse nature of its inhabitants. Thanks to the charismatic churches and temples, monuments and mosques, there are numerous exciting activities that visitors to this are can engage in. When it comes to gastronomy, Tamil Nadu cuisine dominates in the city alongside other dishes served in South India.
Among the top cuisines that are great tastes for both foreigners and natives are such as Dosa, Vada, and Idli for breakfast and are not just delicious but also very healthy. Vegetable dishes such as Sambar curd are served during lunchtime alongside other cuisine selections in the restaurants.
Chennai also has a remarkable nightlife characterized by the trendy Pubs and Bars. A wide range of activities undertaken at late night is purely all about merrymaking accompanied by perky music and the consumption of exotic drinks. There are many posh hotels in the city with bars and dancing floors and if you have no interest in dancing, you can rest assured that the cool music played in the bars will give you a reason to visit the bars at night. Visitors can still spend a good time with their families with some of the restaurants that offer a cool and comforting ambiance.
Chennai is also home to world-class shopping malls and you are assured of a thrilling and highly exciting shopping experience in the city. Stylish, traditional items are sold at selected shops including brass and stone carvings, bags, leather bikinis, and others. Some of the key shopping centers in Chennai are Anna Salai and T Nagar that are worthy of a visit.