Casablanca, Morocco

It is said that most travelers tend to pass through Casablanca or when they are taking a connecting flight to another destination or catching a train. However, this sprawling city deserves to be given much more time as it has more to offer than catch the eye. It could indeed be less exotic compared to other cities in Morocco but the truth is that it is the cultural, economic, and administrative capital of the country. As such, it represents morocco in every possible way. This is the city where Moroccan money is made; it is the home to some of the most renowned fashion designers; it has some of the best art galleries and it is a major industrial center. As such, the old city of Morocco that used to be a pirate’s capital has made notable achievements and has a lot of wealth to show off.
During the era of the French protectorate, Morocco experienced tremendous growth and has been the destination spot for most rural poor people in the country chasing their dream of a better life. Casablanca is home to some of the wealthiest people in the country but at the same time, the city also has a shanty area curved off from it showing that life in the city is not a bed of roses for all people.
Casablanca is highly cosmopolitan and the city is more exposed to western living styles compared to other cities in the country. Western influence on Casablanca is showcased by their form of dressing as well as people hanging out together and having a good time in bars, restaurants, hip clubs, and beaches. However, life in Casablanca has not only been inspired by the western life as the country has a fascinating and interesting history that has impacted on the livelihoods of its inhabitants. 
Most travelers have concluded that Casablanca is a city of many contradictions. Traffic jam in the city is simply suffocating, social problems are just simmering while a bigger part comprises of shantytowns. On the other hand, Casablanca is a city that you will find some of the well kept and maintained public parks and fountains as well as a striking and inviting colonial architecture. The major attraction is the Hassan II mosque and the incredibly ornate and enormous structure is regarded as the city’s landmark. 
The Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman is another site worthy exploration in the city and the beautiful walls give a great view of the city as you take a stroll along the beach. Other key attractions are such as Mahkama du Pacha and near a century-old Central Post Office depicting excellent mosaics and a lovely architecture. While Casablanca is known to have the biggest artificial port in the world, the unfortunate thing is that there are no ferry services yet.
Nevertheless, it is still the hottest tourism destination city in Morocco thanks to its progressive and liberal nature. However, with the city suffering from high levels of unemployment, high crime rates, prostitution, and drug use makes it a less favorable travel destination.