Baghdad, Iraq

Once upon a time, Baghdad was a great center for culture and learning in the world of Islamic before it was almost brought down on its knees by long periods of war. The history of Baghdad is illustrious and long. Despite being packed with great attraction sights, the city is currently famed for being a dangerous place to be on Earth. While it is getting safer, it is not advisable to visit the city of Iraq in general especially if you are from the western world. There are minimal tourist activities in the city due to security and wartime instability concerns. Extremist groups and militant target westerners and upon kidnapping, some of them are consequently assassinated. 

Nevertheless, if you do decide to visit Baghdad anyway, the good news is that there are various attractions and you are not going to be bored. The Al Faw Place or Water Palace was the US troop’s military base and is worthy of a visit. The Baghdad zoo is the largest, most famous zoo in the nation. Erected in 1971, the zoo was in 2003 destroyed during the war period but is currently recovering and hoses some larger mammals. The Swords of Qudisiyah was erected to celebrate the alleged Iraq victory and conquer over Iran. There is also a monument of the Unknown Soldier which was erected to glorify martyrdom during the Iraq- Iran war. Even though the monument housed a museum, it is almost empty currently but you can still visit.

Baghdad is also home to the National Museum of Iraq which displays the Mesopotamian culture history and before the Iraq war, there were many collections at the museum and is only open during special occasions today. The Umm al-Qura Mosque was built as a commemoration of the country’s victory in the Gulf War in 1991 with minarets being shaped as SCUD missiles and gun barrels. Abbasid Palace is an old building dating in the 13 century and it is a historical part of Baghdad city. 

Baghdad also offers a relatively great shopping experience with most of the Bazaars and Souqs being situated downtown. At Coppersmith Souq, you will find workers beating copper in the traditional style and making pitchers and lots of different sizes and shapes. Shops here sell copperware in plenty for decorative or household uses that suit everyone’s taste. A significant trading center in the city is the Sharjah market place where you can buy traditional soap, spices and household appliances and wares.
DVDs and rugs are also available in plenty here just in case you want to buy one. Cafes and restaurants offer local cuisines like Tikka and Kabab. The city also has various hotels where you can sleep. For mid-range budget hotels, the Baghdad International Airport Hotel is a 3-star accommodation facility even though it is pricey considering it is one of the few sensible hotels in the city. It is a frequent city for business travelers but you can get lower rates in standard rooms especially if you book for a longer time.
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