Asunción, Paraguay

Most people who have traveled to Asunción acknowledge that getting your around the economic and capital center of Paraguay is hard. At heart, the city is amazingly beautiful featuring some beaux art colonial buildings, shady plazas, international cuisine, and very friendly locals. The city has also experienced a boom in its development and now boasts of endless suburbs, wonderful nightclubs and shopping malls. However, all this sophistication seems to hide the many blemishes the city has. Ranging from the shanty shacks of Rio Paraguay backdrop to the oppressive humidity and heat, the city has a lot to be desired but despite all these flays, Asunción is worthy of a visit.
The city has a population of about 500, 000 people and with most of the residents aged below 30 years, Asunción is a young, vibrant city in all its aspects. While Asunción might not be a conventional tourism destination owing to its limited tourist attractions, it is still an interesting place that you can visit during your holiday vacation. July is always a good month to be in Asunción as you will always find a trade fair in the city with exhibition food, booths, liquor and music.
For a traveler interested in learning about the culture of the local people, the trade fair offers a great learning opportunity to know what happens in this country. There are always free samples of drinks, soap and food, and other items. The National Congress is an impressive building in Asunción with its striking Façade that reflects nearby slums. English tour guides are always available and will take you to the small museum located in the building.
The National Cathedral is yet another impressive building although it is closed most of the time. The Municipal Museum in the city is a modest structure and is located next to the Visual Arts Museum that has some temporary exhibits displayed by the best artists in the country. The Fine Arts Museum in the city is not very impressive but still worthy of a visit. The Pantheon del Los Heroes is a tomb of Unknown Soldier and other national heroes slain during the disastrous wars in Paraguay. Backyard birds are quite interesting and worthy of your time. Running is a common activity in Paraguay as people opt to let go of their stresses in the city parks. You can also go for a walk or jogging at Parque de la Salud which is quite enjoyable.
Shopping is a major activity in Asunción as services and goods are interestingly cheap considering that the country is a haven for smugglers and pirates. Indigenous artisan work and crafts are easily available like tooled leather, pottery, and carved wood sold in artisan shops. Most of these items ate made locally and might not be very cheap. Shopping malls in Asunción are huge and offer an amazing experience as they are also eating places as well. Beef is an integral part of Asunción cuisine and in the whole of Paraguay including some fast foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and empanadas.