Alofi, Niue

Alofi is the capital city and also the largest city of Niue. Alofi is readily served by a nearby airport and traveling into the city is always easy as most accommodation centers are situated near or in Alofi. Hitching is not just easy but also very safe and you can be picked up by almost anyone. The city is quite small in size and within a few minutes, you will have walked across the entire city. Most tourists also prefer enjoying a city tour while riding in bicycles and there are many bicycle rentals in Alofi. Nevertheless, if you would want to properly capture scenic areas in the city, it is highly preferred that you have a walking city tour. 
Water activities are the most exciting thing you can do to spend an enjoyable time in Alofi. The waters are pretty clear which makes it easier to see tropical fishes. Fishing is yet another enjoyable activity you can undertake. However, no fishing is allowed on Sundays and you must be aware of this. Generally, Alofi and the entire Niue country is not a famous tourist destination and the country receives quite a low number of tourists.
Still, shopping in Alofi is not as exciting as such as the range of souvenirs available is substantially low. However, about two big shops are selling a relatively wide range of collections including magnets and t-shirts. The post office in the city allows visitors and locals to send postcards and mails overseas.
Weaving in Alofi is a popular activity and you can buy many items of this nature as a gift to your friends. Most of the major eating centers in the country are in Alofi. As such, you can expect to find a huge selection of food especially chips and fish. Indian food is also very common as well as pizza and paninis. The Tavana Café is perhaps the major eating place in Alofi located in the city center and you can get affordable foods being served here.
If you want to catch an early breakfast, consider getting it from Crazy Uga Café. You can choose between ‘Big Uga’ and ‘Little Uga’ for breakfast which is quite common. Fruit smoothies and coffee can also be a great treat for you as well. All in all, there are so many other places serving affordable meals in Alofi as well.
The Customs & Bonds Store is one of the most famous drinking spots in Alofi where visitors can buy several bottles of spirits and wine. You can go for shopping at Double M Butchery where a wide range of products are available including cheeses and meats. You will also find spices and vanilla beans at the butchery as well. Another good eatery spot worthy of a visit in the city is Jenna’s. Sleeping in Alofi is offered in a wide range of accommodation centers. The popular Niue Backpackers is perhaps the most popular and offers top-notch accommodation and restaurant services.
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