Yerevan, Armenia

While there is no doubt that Yerevan is the political, economic, and cultural heart of Armenia, there are times when a visit to the city gives you a feeling like you are on a permanent holiday here. At the central core, the city boasts of some lovely Russian edifices of the 19th century in addition to the parkland rings and unique brick squares. Yerevan is known to be a safe and well-relaxed place where the residents seem to be living at one pace as traffic takes on the other. Besides, the city has an intense cultural life comprising of concert halls, music clubs, and several theatres.

Thanks to its strategic geographical location, the city is well-positioned to give travelers a perfect base for exploring other near and far areas. Tourists can get to enjoy day trips to far areas as Mt. Aragats, Vayots, and Sevan. For anyone planning to visit Armenia for a holiday vacation, it is recommended that you go on vacation from May to the end of October.

This will give you the advantage of accommodating vacationing weather comprising of a warm atmosphere which is not uncomfortably hot. The region is also less humid but you should wear warm clothing as evenings can get extremely cold. Even though women in Armenia tend to act and wear more freely unlike women in neighboring Muslim nations and mostly dress in western-style clothing, it is advisable for female visitors not to wear shorts and skirts that are very short.

Social conventions are a basic aspect of Yerevan travel and if you are invited to a Yerevan home, it is expected that you come with some tokens like chocolate candies, wine, and flowers. Also, during photography, visitors should avoid photographing various sites like military bases. Also, certain cultural sensitivities should be observed and religious objects like churches should not be photographed.

Yerevan cuisine, just like for the rest of Armenian, is influenced highly by the Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and Mediterranean tastes. Typically, every season in Yerevan has its favorite food such as garlic, onions, and eggplant which are a key component of a summer diet. Drinks in Yerevan are well characterized by various vodkas and wines which visitors can enjoy with some brands like straw pomegranate wine being common drinks in the region. 

There is quite a huge selection of things to do in Yerevan, Armenian, and attractions to enjoy during your visit. The Monastery of Geghard is a historic, gorgeous place that is a religious attraction site. Tsitsernakaberd is known as the place of remembrance and this statue/ monument attracts many thousands of tourists to the city. Other attractions in Yerevan include Khor Virap, The Cascade, Republic Square, Garni, and Matenadaran, better known as the museum of the ancient manuscripts.
For shopping purposes, Yerevan has money changers almost everywhere and there are numerous cash dispensing machines to help you enjoy your shopping in the huge malls and supermarkets located in the city. While you can make payments using debit and credit cards, most sellers in Yerevan require immediate cash payment for goods bought or services rendered.