Mumbai, India

Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai, India is a huge city in the country, currently being the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Being the largest Indian city, Mumbai is the commercial center of India and is a predominant port city in the country. Besides being home to the largest slum dwellers in India, Mumbai also houses Bollywood, the center for TV industries in the country, and Hindi films. The pulsing life pace and entrepreneurial spirit in the city are unique from the rest of other areas in India. 
The City is highly cosmopolitan and unlike other areas in the city, it is relatively liberal making it a melting pot for diverse cultures. The cultural scene of Mumbai can be said to be a unique amalgamation of religions, festivities, music, food, theatres, and cultural exhibitions. Compared to other cities in India, the city has quite a very active nightlife. Festivals of the different religions that call Mumbai home are celebrated with fervor and grandeur. Some of the notable festivals celebrated here include Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Good Friday, Navratri, Moharram, Dussehra, Maha Shivratri, and others. Feasts and fairs are common scenes here and Arts Festivals showcase well-renowned artists in different fields like films, theatre, dance, and music.
When it comes to attractions, Mumbai has a lot to offer its visitors as it is a vividly colorful touristic destination. The Ajanta and Ellora caves comprise of 29 caves which are inspired by the Buddhist architecture and showcase ancient Buddhist civilization in this area. In the caves, you will meet paintings hat depict diverse Buddha stories and Jakata tales. Shirdi is yet another top attraction in Mumbai city which is a small but one of the few holiest Indian places. The spot is popular for pilgrimage travel and the major attraction here is the Sai Baba shrine. Besides, you can also visit amusement parks, gardens & parks, religious places and enjoy a great time at the beach.
As far as what to do in Mumbai is concerned, you can opt to experience Bollywood and get to witness the shooting of Hindi films. You can decide to watch a movie at the cinema halls. Essel World is a popular amusement park which you can visit, engage in pub bopping, or even visit art galleries and museums. The Borivili National Park is yet another popular tourist spot in Mumbai which you can as well visit. Mumbai also offers a wonderful shopping experience and most of the shopping shops and shopping malls/ stores accept master cards and Visa. Some of the top shopping spots are the fashion street, Colaba Causeway, Chor Bazaar, Crawford Market, and others.
As far as what to buy is concerned, you can decide to buy Khadi clothing, handicrafts and traditional clothing, leather jackets, shawls, rugs, carpets, sarees, and Indian musical instruments. Mumbai also offers a memorable eating experience and has several upscale restaurants and some of the must-try cuisines include the Goan Chinese, kebab rolls, the delicious and milky Indian sweets, Vida pav, or Indian burger and other delicacies especially in the specialty restaurants.