Mongolia is an Eastern Asian state located next to China and Russia. It has no shore outlet to the sea so it is landlocked. Mongolia is popular for having the longest period of sunshine (more than 230 days) hence earning the nickname of ‘Land of Blue Skies’. Mongolia is among the least populated states in Asia, and nomadism is a thriving culture for most of the population in the country. The vast unpopulated areas make the state appealing with beautiful ecosystems of untouched wildlife. The historic side of Mongolia is situated in the Outer Mongolia region, whereas Inner Mongolia is modernized.
Mongolia is accessible from its neighboring states of China and Russia, and some states abroad. The specific places that have direct flight connections with the airport in Ulaanbaatar City of Mongolia are Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Moscow, Berlin, and Istanbul in Turkey. If you are situated in Moscow or Beijing, and you would love to explore nature along the journey to Mongolia, use the trains that travel along the Trans-Siberian route to the station at Ulaanbaatar City. There is also public bus transport from Beijing and Erlian to Ulaanbaatar City.
Mongolia has nice homes and hotels for its tourists. The charges are fair at 10 US Dollars per night or less. For the expensive options like the ger-camps, they charge 35 US Dollars per night inclusive of meals. Guesthouses are the fairest if you are looking for a comfortable and clean environment with remarkable hospitality services to ensure that everything you need is available for your stay in the guesthouses. Ulaanbaatar City has a good number of high-end luxurious hotels. Tour companies own the ger-camps, so to find one then research for the tour companies available and find out from them the environment of the camping sites to find the one that suits you.
As you budge into the restaurants and hotels in Mongolia, you are likely to find interesting dishes. This is especially witnessed in the local by middle-range restaurants. Recipes that grace their menus are mutton, beef, noodles, goat’s meat, and the Khuushuur dish of mutton and onions sandwiched in a pancake amongst many other unique dishes. You will also get a chance to enjoy Mongolia’s drink known as the Air. The drink is unique since it is made from brewed milk. You can also find western drinks such as Miller and Heineken especially in restaurants within Ulaanbaatar City.
Mongolia is a nature-loving country. It has many national parks and significant natural features that serve as the major tourist attractions there. National parks to visit in Mongolia are Altai Tavan Bogd, Uvs Nuur Lake, Khustain Nuruu, and Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve. Fun activities you can indulge in are canoeing during river tours, camping near Lake Khovsgol in Khatga Village, and watching hundreds of bird and aquatic wild species around the lake. The city of Ulaanbaatar is also a nice place to tour around and get to find out different aspects f the culture of the Mongolians and interact with them.