Lima, Peru

As the capital city of Peru, Lima is the largest city in the nation and features a mixture of modern megastructures together with colonial architecture and slum areas. Having been Spanish rule’s seat for 300 years, Lima boasts of wonderful churches, monasteries, and cloisters which make the city a hot touristic spot in the nation. Over time, Lima has also been rated as the best destination for trying the great Peruvian cuisine that contains a variety of different ingredients sourced from the Amazon, mountain, and Coast regions. As such, some of the areas that you must not miss visiting during your vacation to Lima are seafood and fish restaurants which are not expensive anyway. 
Set upon a wonderful valley, Lima is largely surrounded by an arid desert. The best time to visit Lima is during the summer when the sunny, warm weather is extremely beautiful and exciting. Lima is notably known for its exciting bike tours and running, walking and bicycle tours are with no doubt the best activities that you can get engaged in during your Lima vacation. Thanks to this biking tour, most tourists regard this city as an alternative worth consideration and which you can trust.
Lucida Lima also offers free tours to the city’s historical center. If you like surfing, Escuela Etnia Peru offers surfing tours and surf lessons and you can visit them as well. They provide all the accessories and gear needed and the staff is not just happy but friendly as well. If you want to enjoy the Lima city tour, you will have the best company that can show the city’s tourism resources. Travelers can enjoy touring the local market, try the different Peruvian cuisines and top areas of interest are historical points and main districts in the city. If you have less time for your vacation, a city tour is always a better alternative as you will get to see and do much in less time.
Shopping in Lima is also an exciting thing to do. Musical instruments for playing Peruvian folk are sold by several stores in the city like mantras, Queens and Charangos. And the best thing is that teachers are always available to show you how to play the instruments that you just bought. An integral component of Lima lifestyle is gastronomy. Lima is known as America’s gastronomy capital and cuisine offerings are many and varied, including international, regional, and local cuisines.
While your choice for restaurants in Lima is unlimited, one of the top dishes that you must taste is ceviche. This is the national dish of Peruvian and has unparalleled, wonderful delicious taste. Some of the popular drinks in Lima include the Pisco Sour, Inca Kola, Jugos, Chicha Morada, and others. Some of the safest and nicest sleeping areas in Lima include San Isidro, Barranco and Miraflores. While these areas can be a little expensive compared to other parts in the old city, you can still find budget accommodations as well.