Dongguan, China

Dongguan is located approximately 100 kilometers from Hong Kong in the China province of Guangdong. The best way to get around in Dongguan is by use of cheap taxis. However, kidnapping is common here and you should be careful and only use licensed, green taxis. While Dongguan is not a very popular tourist destination as such, there is still quite a lot to see and do.
Dongguan boasts of a huge exhibition center where many conferences and exhibitions are housed. Locals also have a sporting center and the city also has a library. At the Dongguan library, you can get a well informative magazine that offers you a complete guide to the city. If you are quite short of time and must stay just in one spot, Jin’aozhou Pagoda is the place to be and then proceed to your east to see the Keygen Garden. For food and shopping, Dongguan avenue has all these in plenty and the bar street is a hub of hopping clubs.
The Opium War Museum is a famous attraction in Dongguan city as well as the New South China Mall which is the largest of its kind in the world but it is almost empty completely. Visitors spend their time walking in the empty looking corridors. If you check-in at a four-star hotel during your travel, you will benefit from sauna services and foot massages offered at a cheap price. Most of the saunas are foot massage parlors and brothels. The Hyatt Regency Dongguan hotel is one of the places that you can book your stay while in the city.
Most visitors in Dongguan also engage in shopping activities and Dongguan is famously known as a fashion center thanks to the Huanghe Fashion Town in Humen District. This place is home to the largest textile and clothing wholesale markets in China which extends over to an area of more than a square kilometer. Most products sold here are exported to worldwide destinations especially Hong Kong. Even when you are buying goods in small quantities’, you can still benefit from the cheap wholesale prices.
Most of the 5 star Dongguan hotels offer buffets at a cheap price. There are also popular bars here where you can get your favorite drinks and just as you would expect in a typical China city, prostitution is a popular activity in the bars. Local girls can be over-friendly but you should be careful as drugging is not rare here.
While in Dongguan and the whole of China, it is essential that you stay safe as being robbed is a common occurrence here more so in less populated areas. As highlighted prostitution is a major activity in Dongguan which makes men from Hong Kong and other near towns flock here especially during weekends. Sadly, the police in this city are very corrupt and you might not rely on them for security even though they pretend to be discreet most of the time.