Bahrain is a kingdom inform of an archipelago of islands at the Persian Gulf. It is a close neighbor to popular Southeastern states namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bahrain is an Islamic state, but it is not as strict as other countries of the same religion that have fierce alcoholism laws. The Bahrain Kingdom has a strong economy that is supported by its rich oil reserves. Bahrain is also a station for international banking. 
The lifestyle in Bahrain is consists of bustling social centers, shopping stalls, and quality eateries. The Bahrain Kingdom has strongly maintained its territory. As small as it is, Bahrain is popular in the tourism of Southeast Asia for being one of the oldest kingdoms in the world. Its lengthy historic background has left behind many ancient grounds that exist untouched this current period. The entry point into Bahrain is through Bahrain International Airport, which is situated in Muharraq. Airlines that you can board from abroad to Bahrain are Gulf Airlines and Air Arabia. Gulf airlines connect Muharraq-Bajraun to regional destinations and London in the United Kingdom. Air Arabia connects Sharjah Airport-Dubai to Bahrain.
If you are located in the neighboring country of Saudi Arabia, you can use the Saudi-Bahraini Transport Company’s buses at the bus station in Dammam to travel to the bus station at Manama City in Bahrain. Another option is to use the King Fahd Causeway route from Saudi Arabia into Bahrain by car or using the limo taxis at a charge of 30 Bahrain Dollars.
Bahrain has many hotels that know well how to keep their clients comfortable and rest while staying for a few periods in the country. Bahrain has more than 113 hotels; most f them are situated in the capital city-Manama. The quality of the hotels is splendid, and relaxation services can be made available in some of the hotels. Restaurants and self-catering suites are also added advantages. You can find a list of the hotels in or near the place you choose to visit within Bahrain and be able to choose a hotel that best suits you and your budget limit.
Bahrain has a vibrant cuisine and a high number of restaurants and hotels at nearly every place to visit. You can choose to dine in either the food stalls for cheap local dishes or in high-quality restaurants for international cuisine. The place you can find many adorable eateries is in Adliya. Japanese cuisine is also found in the area. It is served by the incredible Japanese Mirai restaurant. This restaurant is a good option for a family as well as many restaurants within Adliya. If you are not ready for a heavy meal then stop by the McDonalds or Burger King fast food stores for a burger, pizza, whatever light food you like.
One of the attractions you will find Bahrain is the Qala’at al-Bahrain Fort. It is a show of Bahrain’s historic background and unique architecture. Near the fort is a museum that displays ancient materials and ruins from historic events in the northern coastal region of the kingdom. Bahrain has many museums namely Al Oraifi Museum in Muharraq, Beit al Quran that contains ancient Islamic manuscripts, Bahrain National Museum in Manama, Currency Museum, and the Oil Museum in Sakhir that contains the history of the oil industry in Bahrain. Being an island nation, Bahrain has many secluded beaches all around.
Its climate warm throughout the year and the waters of the gulf are pleasant, clear, and calm. The historic sites are numerous, and the popular ones are the ancient burial grounds in various around the kingdom such as A’ali, Hamad, and Tylos.