Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay is part of the attractions of the Koh Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Traveling to Maya Bay is a full adventure as you get to see the beautiful archipelago from far as you approach the destined station in one of the islands. Maya Bay is popular for its fantastic beach, which has also staged a movie starred by the celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Maya Bay is a marine and beach paradise; you can choose wither to swim, make sandcastles, snorkel, or camp as you party with your friends. As you visit the islands and Maya Bay, ensure that you have a respectful dressing code if you mind disrespect locals. Most of the locals are considered Muslims while others can be said to Buddhists, who are also watchful on the dressing code of anyone walking around the streets of the islands.
It is easy to access Maya Bay from within Thailand, and the same as from abroad. You can board a ferry in Phuket to get to the port in Krabi. From Krabi, use road highways that can lead you to Maya Bay. Ensure you have a map of the road in handy. If you are connecting from abroad, then you can place Krabi International Airport as your place of highlighting in south Thailand. The airlines that can direct you to the airport are Thai Airways, Air Asia Airlines, Bangkok Airways, and Nok Airlines. From Krabi, you can ride to Maya Bay as long as you follow the right directions and use the appropriate map.
Accommodation for tourists can be found in towns near Maya Bay. The price rates are high, and it is difficult or impossible to find a low pricing facility. The price is even doubled during the peak season from October to May. The cheapest can be renting tents for camping in allowable areas, which can cost you at most Baht 300. Some of the hotels and villas you can check into are; Holiday Inn Resort, Kinnaree House, Oasis Guesthouse, PP Banvan Villa, and View Garden Resort.
Thailand’s cuisine in the southern region is popular for its spiciness. This is contributed by its blend of Indian, Malay, and Indonesian cuisines. This blend of cuisines is characterized by delicious dishes such as rice noodles with fish sauce and yellow rice with chicken. Seafood is also common and available at affordable prices.
Maya Bay is a large tourist area, so you will find yourself busy touring it. Primarily, Maya Bay is claimed to have the most remarkable beach amongst all those in the Phi Phi Islands. These beaches can be seen with coral reefs where varieties of colorful fish species to orient. This explains the existence of snorkeling and scuba diving sites in the bay. At the cliff near the bay, would be your opportunity to learn rock climbing as long as the safety gadgets are available and you have a guide by your side. For historic exploration, visit the Phaya Naak Cave that displays ancient paintings of the pre-historic era. You can as well take a boat ride around the bay and the other Phi Phi Islands as you discover the complimentary beauty of the islands and their beaches.