Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is a small and amazingly lovely island located off the coast of Thailand to the southern side. Renowned for its full moon parties, the island is also fondly referred to as the land of coconut trees. Its nearest neighbors are Ko Samui and Ko Tao. As a popular tourist destination in Thailand, Koh Phangan houses many tourist attractions.
There are also numerous activities to keep any tourist thrilled especially those that derive happiness by taking to the sea. The recommended time for visiting this little heavenly island is the period between December and March every year when the ocean is high and temperature just right for enjoying the ocean and its shore. It is normally the dry season so there are no storms to spoil the party for you.
Traveling to the island from abroad is possible and relatively easy. You can use the air transport to the international airport in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, and then use a local chartered plan to Ko Samui airport. From the airport, you can take either a bus or a train to the port where you will then travel by ferry to Koh Phangan. Traveling around the island is easy and enjoyable. Either you can use a powerboat or rent taxi rides around the island.
The prospect of sleeping on the island can be very exciting as there are almost any kinds of accommodation facilities you can think of. You have a choice of a magnificent hotel, a luxurious holiday bungalows or just a simple but beautifully furnished rental apartments. The most important thing to consider when you are seeking affordable accommodation is the full moon party as all the cheaper accommodation facilities are booked well before the party. However, if you have the money you can stay on the beach and have a holiday of a lifetime enjoying the breeze and the beautiful scenery.
Thong Sala, the main town of the island has numerous restaurants and cafes that serve delicious meals at such an affordable price. As a major tourist destination you must be sure to find a restaurant that saves a given foreign delicacy. However the most predominant dishes are Thai inspired and are mostly based on seafoods. With little agriculture on the island most of the food served is imported.
Right from the port when you first set foot on the island from your ferry, you cannot resist the beautiful sandy beaches that stretch all around the island at the point where it kisses the sea. In addition, if you love water sports then you will have a lot of fun on the beach. Waterfalls are also other great tourist attractions on the island. Then Sadet Koh Phangan National Park is the home to the largest waterfall on the island. Visit this beautiful place and get mesmerized at the sometimes rejuvenated by the serenity of the place. The amazingly enchanting Phaeng waterfall offers you an opportunity to look in the interior of the island.