Jumerirah, UAE

Jumeirah is a coastal region located in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. It is known for its high-class facilities from the residential homes to the hotels, especially the most starred hotel in the world known as the Burj al-Arab Hotel. Jumeirah started as a settlement and trading centre for fishing and other goods of trade few centuries ago. From the mid 20th century A.D., it adopted western culture of living hence the latest advanced building-architecture, transport facilities, social amenities, and public service.
palm-appartments Palm-Jumeirah
Jumeirah is said to be an exceptional large region of Dubai with most of the establishments within it are named using Jumeirah as their first names. Touring Jumeirah is a memorable experience given the applauding attractions within it.
Tourists flowing into Jumeirah from outside countries majorly use the main international gateway of Dubai International Airport situated in Dubai City. Dubai’s carriers: Emirates and Fly Dubai serve the airport. On reaching the airport, there are immigration and passport processes to follow, which can be delaying. Thus, the e-gate card is available at the departures section of terminal one. The card will assist you to quicken the processes at a minimal charge of 200 AED. There are taxi and public transport services near the airport. You may find a taxi that can take you to a bus station in Dubai City from which you have to board a bus to Jumeirah.
Madinat Jumeirah waterways
Travelling to Jumeirah by ship from other states can be tricky except from Iran. You are required to find a dhow from your home country’s port, which is involved with the trade in Dubai and uses the Indian Ocean route to be easily accessible to Dubai. If you manage to find one that is travelling to Dubai, then arrange with the captain of the ship to enable you to travel to Dubai in the ship. If you are from Iran, then it is easy because you just have to board the Valfajr ship at the port of Bandar Lengeh to arrive at Port Rashid in Dubai.
Jumeirah is the fastest growing housing region in Dubai. Luxurious hotels and other forms of high-end accommodation facilities characterize it. The world’s largest hotel, Burj Al Arab Hotel, is also situated in Jumeirah. Most of its hotels are situated at the beach side of the region. Madinat Jumeirah is an urban place within Jumeirah with a few luxurious hotels that are located much close to a shopping mall and restaurants.
In Jumeirah, it is rare to find visitors cooking meals for themselves. There are so many places to eat; even the low-budget restaurants can cater for you efficiently. If you are looking for the cheap option, then try to find Indian restaurants and fast food chains such as McDonalds and KFC in the city. Madinat Jumeirah also has some restaurants that are nearly cheap with better services and food servings.
Jumeirah is a top tourist site in Dubai. You can explore many places in Jumeirah. The culture of this coastal region is highly diverse; there are Arabs, Europeans, and Asians amongst many other foreign dialects calling Jumeirah their home. Jumeirah Beach should be at your top listings of places to visit. It s a lively beach with superb social and fun facilities. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is visible even from the beach, and it is an iconic structure to witness here on earth. The Jumeirah Mosque is a historic building featuring old Arabic architectural designs and calligraphy.

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